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Water Proof Camera Bags
12/23/2012 9:00 AM By  anonymous  

Waterproof point and shoot cameras put new options in the hands of consumers. Alas waterproof is a relative term. The camera’s are usually rated in terms of depth and time. Finding a camera that can handle the depth seems easy enough.


Use Your Illusions
12/23/2012 9:00 AM By  anonymous  

What to do with photographs has been an age old question. Those who used (or maybe even still use) film faced a very daunting task or organizing and sharing their photos.


Shoot With a Purpose
10/6/2012 8:00 AM By  anonymous  
Those who enter into battle first and look for victory afterward will probably lose.


How to Capture Panoramic Photographs using a DSLR camera
6/2/2012 8:00 AM By  anonymous  

I’m sure there have been times when you just wished you could capture everything your eyes saw. Well this is where panorama photography comes in, and in this tutorial I’ll lead you through the steps of taking and then editing your images to create a panoramic image that you’ll be proud to show of to friends and relatives.


Anatomy Of A Photography Workshop
5/5/2012 1:00 AM By  anonymous  
At the core, the primary purpose of a workshop is to condense lots of information that traditionally takes weeks or months to learn, into a very short time. Accelerated topical learning. I’ll be in Thailand from June 22nd through July 20th and am making myself available for workshops.


Camera Categories Explained
2/20/2012 11:59 PM By  anonymous  

With so many new cameras on the market we're often hard pressed to place them in a category we understand, and if they don't fit any category they deserve a new category of their own.


Balancing Color in Photoshop CS5
8/20/2011 11:50 AM By  anonymous  

In 20-30 minutes you’ll be able to make changes to your color balance in under a minute and you’ll find it a very useful skill to have in your image processing toolbox.


User Galleries, Album Creation and Adding Images
7/22/2011 6:09 PM By  anonymous  

This tutorial will cover the basic steps of creating your own albums and uploading images. Follow along noticing the red arrows I’ve drawn with my crayon to draw attention to certain areas.


Lightroom Noise Reduction Tutorial
3/16/2011 8:03 AM By  anonymous  
Adobe improved the noise reduction capabilities dramatically in v3 and I’m sure they’ll get better and better in future versions. In Lightroom you have the choice of using aftermarket plug-ins or their own excellent noise removal engine.


Combining Images in CS5 Photoshop
3/5/2011 7:00 PM By  anonymous  
Imagine all the uses you can put this technique to. You can put your wife’s face on a playboy models body (at your own risk), your bosses face on a dogs body, you can add birds to a sky, place a car in a scene, there are many fun uses.

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    The experience of taking model shots of an attractive woman could not have been more engagingly presented...


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    Some of the photo examples and statements here made me wonder why in the history of photography you do...


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    Great blog


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    wow,i 'll surely gonna try it tomorrow.


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    Hi Gary - First, I can assure you it works with the new 4.4rc version because I use it myself and I...


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    Tried install the various versions on Mogrify into LR 4.4...whilst you can see the plugin enabled, there...


  8. Re:, A Shipment Forwarding Service

    I have used the service Shipito for two years without problems


  9. Re:, A Shipment Forwarding Service

    I have used the service Shipito for two years without problems


  10. Re: Focal Distance

    When they are functionally different, such as the "mirrorless" cameras they do get their own category...


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