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Dana Unplugged, The Interview
12/23/2012 8:00 AM By  anonymous  
Dana is more intriguing than Howard Hughes, more fascinating than David Copperfield, and more misunderstood than Dick Cheney. Come read his first ever interview and find out what makes the man tick.


POW 921, Author Mike Holt, Interview
1/15/2011 7:00 PM By  anonymous  
Perhaps the most harrowing part of the book was the trip from Sinagpore to Kanchanaburi. The POW's were crowded into steel carriages and left without food or water for the journey. The only break was when the train got over the Thailand border and it stopped to take on more water.


Kees Sprengers and Dorothy Culloty, Food From Northern Laos. An Interview
9/25/2010 7:00 PM By  anonymous  

When I invited Kees and Dorothy over for the interview I had every intention of following the same format, but it quickly because clear this format wouldn’t work in their case.   They were excited, enthused, very proactive in telling me about their feelings and experiences.


Stick Gets Grilled!!!
11/7/2009 12:52 AM By  anonymous  

Everyone wants to know who Stick is and how he thinks and what his opinion is about many things. I only care what he thinks about his photography..


Craig Lamson, Professional Commercial Photographer, an Interview
10/17/2009 6:23 PM By  anonymous  

Craig Lamson is a virtual master of light. For over 3 decades his images have graced luxury brochures for RV's, Boats, and 5th wheels and many other products. Visit his site for a real experience.


Rob From, an Interview
10/10/2009 6:31 PM By  anonymous  

Rob is one of the most well traveled photographers I know. He travels the world capturing great images and he runs a cool website too!


In Focus, Bangkok Images has now been on-line a full year!
8/1/2009 8:25 PM By  anonymous  

Our one year anniversary is celebrated with a blow by blow description of one of our photography workshops. Thank you for reading!

  1. Re: Stick Gets Grilled!!!

    I am a long time reader or Stickmans weekly written column, and I enjoy looking at his pictures that...


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