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Thailand Photo Stories

2/19/2011 7:00 PM By  Dana  

The camera is the sun and the photos give life.

  1. Re: Random Thoughts on Photography

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  2. Re: THAT Feeling..

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  3. Re: My First Polaroid

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  5. Re: Pity The Poor Girl

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  6. Re: THAT Feeling..

    Thank you Dana. I'm finding it hard to write again after such a long time off.. dusting off the pen...


  7. Re: THAT Feeling..

    I thought this was wonderful. Something about photography that is not just technogarble. I attempted...


  8. Re: Is It All About Planning?

    From the weird category: studies show that with reflection shots that most of us 'see' the primary image...


  9. Re: Kings Among Men, Long Term Thailand Expatriates

    Steve, top story !!



    "Just like to mention it's Jimi Hendrix , not Jimmy :)"I realized this one billionth of a second after...


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