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Google Nexus Tablet
Last Post 02 Jan 2013 08:48 PM by tony. 0 Replies.
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02 Jan 2013 08:48 PM  
To say that there has been breakneck progression in ARM mobile hardware, would be an understatement that also extends also to tablets of all types. From the cringe-inducing IMX515 resistive panelled devices in 2010, all the way to the quad-core [Tegra3] and [Exynos] powerhouses of today, it has been a long journey. But unlike carrier-subsidised phones, tablets have often been seen as the distant, neglected cousins – lacking connectivity and practical use. Devices which are rarely a necessity, with features that can often be replicated on smaller devices, slapped with pricing and relative sales volumes which lend themselves more to impulse extravagances the tablet pc. But yet, despite these logical failings, I’ve always had a soft spot for that book-sized tablet. I’ve been drawn to devices like the carabiner-friendly [Barnes & Noble Nook Color], which I found somewhat clumsy to use, but with a solid design ethos. Or the [Galaxy Tab 7.7], a device which ticked every single checkbox on the spec-sheet, but was let down but substandard software at the time. Even on the larger side, I spent many an hour digging around the filesystem and SHSH blobs of an iPad 3, or wielding the ponderously large Asus Transformer (which in turn pales in comparison to the gravity-altering Lenovo Thinkpad tablet). The Nexus 7 comes with the basic inclusions, in a box that has been widely acknowledged as the most airtight and fingernail-punishing to date.
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