Inserting photos for critique section ?
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26 May 2010 08:07 AM  
Steve, could you give us a rundown on how to upload images for critiques ? I selected my image file, clicked the upload button, then the submit button for the new topic ....text was posted but no photo, so I obviously did something wrong ?
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27 May 2010 03:02 AM  
Mike.. I'm going to guess you missed the very last step.

When you click on "attachments" you'll see a place to browse and upload images, PDF's, or whatever.. go ahead and add files until you're done. Don't click 'submit' yet.

Now.. looking at the list of your photos you'll notice there's a "add photo" button in the same line as each photo. Clicking on this adds the image where your cursor is in the editor. Now, if you click "submit" the image will show up in the post.

This feature makes it great to add say 5 images at once, and then with them in the 'attachment' panel they're just a click away from anywhere in your text you want to place them. This beats adding them one by one.. but it does require the additional step of clicking on the "add photo" by the image.

I hope this helps


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