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Ipad or Android Tablet?
Last Post 22 Nov 2011 11:50 PM by BkkSteve. 3 Replies.
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Rod CUser is Offline

15 Jul 2011 06:09 AM  

I’m looking at purchasing an Ipad or android tablet. For travel having a 10 inch screen is all I need. More importantly the weight & size would save me multiple arguments with airline staff when trying to take my equipment on board. The combined weight of a camera body, 3 lens & a laptop is always over the maximum weight of 7kgs cabin baggage.

Last month I tried my brother in-law’s Android 3 tablet it would not recognize my camera through it’s USB port or my Compact Flash card reader through the same port. He has since upgraded to 3.1 & it now recognizes the camera (not sure about the CF card reader).

I would prefer an android as I have an android phone any one with a brand & model reccomendation would be appreiciated.

I hear the ipad & comes with iphoto/iview (I think this is the name) which can view canon raw format. So I’m guessing it would have no problem recognizing a CF card.

Does anyone out there own a tablet or ipad that they are happy with?

If so, what are you using to view your pictures. Something from adobe or apple would be my guess?

Any information would be appreciated.


BkkSteveUser is Offline

16 Jul 2011 12:15 AM  
Hi Rod -

It will be interesting to see what others say on this subject.  I approached this issue back almost 20 months ago when I was taken with the concept of the newly released Ipad.  As it turns out, I decided to go with a 2.4 pound 12" very fast and capable notebook which easily ran all the software I already own.  I reviewed it here:

IMO the Ipad is more refined than any of the Android or Windows tablets.  This isn't to say you won't find an Android or Windows tablet useful, its just so you know what to expect.  That your brothers Android wouldn't recognize your gear supports my statement.

What I'd look for, is to try and write down all the uses you require, and what software you'll need to accomplish these tasks.  Then I'd look for future uses such as time delay control, tethering, and so forth.  Then I'd look for a tablet which can do these things.  When I did this 20 months ago I realized what I really needed was a ultra-portable laptop.  Today, with the release of Windows tablets with more to come, I'd be eager to choose a Windows tablet.  In fact, I will probably end up with a Windows Tablet myself.  Have you seen the Asus convertible?  It's a tablet that slides into a netbook frame so you get the best of both.  More like this will soon be released.

Good luck Rod, let us know what you decide.

nervouspunyUser is Offline

21 Nov 2011 05:36 AM  
There are several different operating systems used in today's Tablet PC. However, the two most popular tablet PC operating systems are now the Android operating system and Apple iPad IOS. The purpose of this article is that you can make an informed comparison of the Tablet PC operating systems with these two so that you can buy the best tablet PC for your needs.

A look at the IOS interface

The technology enthusiasts few question the intuitive nature of Apple iOS system. If you have used any other product of IOS, such as the iPhone or iPod touch, will have no trouble learning to use the iPad. But even if you have not used a system of IOS, the iPhone is very easy to use right out of the box.

The Android operating system is not as intuitive as the iPhone, but improvements are still being conducted. The only difficulty, though choosing a tablet version of Android is the Android operating system that is currently available. An Android tablet cheap usually come with an operating system which is a version or two behind the latest Android operating system and an update can be slow.

A comparison of applications

Another advantage of Apple's IOS is the large collection of applications available on Apple's App Store. Many of these applications are free, while others are paid. Most have been developed for IOS before being developed for other operating systems.

However, Google's Android Market may have an advantage in applications such as Fars. While Apple keeps a close eye on its app store to ensure quality and conformity of applications, the Android Market is much more open to all kinds of innovation developers can come up with a tablet PC or phone. For this reason, the diversity of applications in the Android Market is higher, although not many applications as available yet.

The limitations of hardware and Options

IOS Apple Tablet PC is available only on iPads, while Android is available to any manufacturer of Tablet PC. This means that the IOS is a one size fits all iPad - iPad are priced hardware known as known. Hardware reliability is assured, as well as hardware limitations are insured. The most positive aspect of buying an iPhone is to know that everything will just work without any need to adjust the software settings to optimize the hardware.

But if you go with an Android tablet PC, you can choose just about any imaginable hardware specifications. You can buy an entry-level system of low cost of an unknown company or a top-of-the-line system by Motorola or Samsung. However, as mentioned, there are many versions of the Android operating system has been and will be released, and since there is no guarantee Android Tablet PC will be compatible with the latest Android software.

Screen Size

The iPad is only available in one size with 9. 7-inch screen. Android Tablets on the other hand come with a variety of screen sizes from 7 inches to 10.2 inches pills tablets. Some people prefer a smaller tablet for portablility while others enjoy the larger screen of the iPhone. Android has the advantage back to offer more options at this time.

The Bottom Line

The iPad is the best known and respected today Tablet PC available. Even if you have no interest either in a system of IOS or Android, the fact that both are being actively developed and sold in competition is driving greater innovation both at better prices. If you are trying to decide whether to buy the iPhone vs Android tablet prices can be considered a difference of options but in the end it probably can not go wrong with any of them.
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BkkSteveUser is Offline

22 Nov 2011 11:50 PM  
Nice post!
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