December 13th, 1215

I don't talk much about website traffic numbers as most sites inflate them in a variety of creative ways rendering the actual statistics useless.  I've always said I'd rather have 100 regular visitors who are truly interested in photography, than 1000 google adsense generated hits.  Well, if recent traffic is any indicator we have well in excess of those 100 regular visitors and we're growing almost daily!  I couldn't be more pleased with the REAL numbers we're generating. Thank you!

Another teaser from the boat yards which will be our main feature this week.  This is a good example of using an ultra-wide angle properly and incorporating a proper foreground, mid-ground, and background.  It was a really hazy day, you could cut the muck with a knife, and it shows, but still a productive day.


Canon 5d Mark II, Sigma 12-24mm F4  @F11  1/125th  13mm  ISO 100


December 11th, 1230

New content will go live at 1900 this evening.  It should be a good week as we have Tom Tweedel guest writing the Feature Photograph "A Little Girl, A Cockroach", Eyal guest writing the Feature Destination "Boat Trip, Chiang Kong-Houei XAI to Luang Prabang", an important review of the "TP-Link TD-W8960n Wireless ADSL2+ Router Modem", News For The Week of December 11th, Stick asks about Cleaning Lenses, and Steve's Musings addresses the "Lolita Scourge" issues facing family and photographers.  Feedback is always appreciated.


December 11th, 0100

Another image from the boatyard workshop.  With 200-500 year old techniques being used for boat building, bamboo scaffolding, and more vintage techiques and props all around, it made me attempt not only what an old style photograph would have looked like from that period, but what it would look like if it survived today.  What do you think, close?


Canon 5d Mark II, Sigma 12-24mm F4  @F16  1/13th  12mm  ISO 100


December 9th, 1145

I've kept my head down the last couple of days working on the column.  It's going to be an interesting column this Saturday.  Tom Tweedel is doing an interesting Feature Photo, a guest writer/photographer you've never heard of before is doing the Feature Destination, and I'll be doing a review on the TP-Link which you'll really want to read. 

I'm also working on a "Musings" piece which takes a look at the practice of pedophiles taking pictures of young school age children in public places and posting them on websites to share with other creeps.  I won't tell you more, except this has impacted our rights as photographers.  If you have any thoughts on the subject please send them in soon.  Your thoughts and observations might help me finish this piece, and/or not miss something important.  Thank you!


Canon 1ds Mark II, 85mm F1.2L USM  @F1.4  1/500th  ISO 400


December 7th, 1315

Adobe announces the final release of Photoshop Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw.   You can download the latest version of Lightroom for Windows here, and for Mac's here.  The latest version of Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) for Windows can be downloaded here, and for Mac's here.



December 7th, 1230

"Doll Streaming" is the new threat!  The FBI is investigating Barbie.  Barbie VIdeo has a video cam built in which can record 30 minutes of a child playing at a time.  I suppose they're worried creeps will use the footage for sexual gratification.  Strange.  $49 gets you this collectible.   Now, if for $49 we only had "IP Barbie" which could stream directly to your computer we'd have something.  Inexpensive CCTV coverage.  We could strategically place IP Barbie's all over the house.. seemingly staring everywhere. .and we'd have great security.  Kinda creepy though.  If they can put $49 video cams in a doll.. why can't they make proper $49 security IP cameras?  Anyone know of any?



December 6th, 1950

I usually don't publically speak about a new product until after I've used it for at least a few weeks, often times months.  Last week I reviewed the DLink 2542b modem/router and was pleased with it over the standard routers from True, except it required a reset every 24 hours to clear the connections held in it's buffer.  Maybe this is a setting or even a firmware issue, but Dlink hasn't been able to help me clear the issue and I haven't figured it out on my own.

I'd also ordered the TP-Link TD-W8960n after my research found very positive comments on two different professionals forums.  Today it arrived from the states.  I'm writing about it early because it took less than five minutes total for a complete setup.  This is a setup that included not only the PPPoE settings, but 5 ports forwarded, wireless security, new passwords, Dynamic DNS account, and more.  The menu's were easy, intuitive, and in five minutes it was zipping along.  In contrast the Dlink menu's were a nightmare and it took two days for the True Techs and myself to figure out what was needed for my installation.  More, the TP-Link TD-W8960n is a modem and wireless router operating on the A/G/N/B protocols.  I was able to add my $300 Linksys WRT-350n to the box in my storeroom where old equipment sits until I find it a home, or throw it out.  The TP-Link W8960n was only $72 on Amazon.   Performance?  There is a huge difference in perceived page load speed on any site I visit.  My Slingbox is streaming 300-400kbps faster, and torrents are downloading 40% faster.  It's still too early to recommend, but if it doesn't develop the same sort of issues requiring a reset and doesn't melt or break in the next few weeks, I'll be recommending this one with both thumbs up!



December 6th, 1630

Back from a weekend in Hua Hin with friends.  A nice dinner party, good friends, relaxation, but just now back home to find a box with new equipment to review and a column to write for next Saturday!

Something I wanted to call your attention to is that the comment section of our blogs gives you many choices for sharing the comments.  We're hooked into all the social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, and more.  Just press the icon of your choice and you can recommend articles, and keep updated via social networking.



Even more useful is we're tied into the Disqus system for comments.  This is really great, you create a quick and easy account on Disqus, and then you'll get email notifications of responses to your comments (the site does this on it's own if you don't want to use Disqus), and while the site gives you these options on it's own, Disqus can keep track of ALL the sites you use and put the comments in one easy to get area so you don't have to search through different sites to read responses or find out if anyone has responded to your own replies.  I find myself liking Disqus more and more, easy email notifications with the new comment's text, and if more than one, a single click takes me to Disqus to manage all my comments/replies/posts from all the sites I make active in Disqus, all in one place.  Check out their list of features to see all the other stuff it can do.



December 4th, 1300

I decided to put this up in the Thailand Photo Stories Section "Ugly Thai's" because it fits the category, yet I worry it's not appropriate for this site.  Feedback would be appreciated.