December 4th, 1215

New content will go live in the indexs at 1900 this evening.  We'll have our Feature Photograph "The Difference Light Makes!", our Feature Destination "Safari World Bangkok", a review on the Dlink DSL-2542b ADSL+2 Modem/Router, News For The Week of December 4th 2010,Kevin Gets A New 5d Mark II and Hates It!, and Steve's Musings "Are You An Artist?"  We can use more readers submissions and your questions are always welcome.  As the holidays near I'm sure your lives will be busy, but I hope you still find time to stop by and enjoy the site.


December 2nd, 1905

This is a welcome but unheard of equipment upgrade offer from Canon.  5d Mark II and 7D users have long complained about how easily the mode dial inadvertently moves into another position leaving the photographer in the wrong mode and missing or ruining pictures.  Canon now offers a $100 USD factory service center upgrade to change the mode dial to a locking switch like on the new 60D.  I’ll be finding out very soon when this will be offered in the Bangkok service center and will let you know.



December 1st, 2310

Pictures in motion.  Often the most ordinary scenes can become the most dramatic.  Use your eye, your gear, and your processing skills together and try for the most cohesive composition.


Canon 5d Mark II, Sigma 12-24mm F4  @F8  1/40th  15mm  ISO 100


November 30th, 2110

We've just updated the User Galleries with a more attractive and faster interface.  Give it a try and let me know how it works for you.


November 30th, 2015

Small sometimes unnoticable changes/improvements continue to be made to the site as we're now in the final SEO phase with the site, hopefully an endeavor which will make us much more visible to the major search engines.

Over the last week we've done a lot to make the content of our articles visible to the search engines, we've optimized the URL's as you've probably noticed, and today we're working to bring a uniform default font family and size throughout the entire site.  This is absolutely the last major part of our site development.  Bugs have been worked out, features streamlined, and our look refined.  The site is scalable from the users we have now, to tens of thousands more with no additional effort.  Some of you might have noticed the site not responding over the last week or two for five minutes at a time.  This was me backing up the site before implementing changes/improvements.  You should see a lot less of this now that we're in this final phase.  Steve


November 29th, 2250

You guys know I love my early morning photo trips to Safari World, I've given them more exposure and kind words than any other journalist in the Kingdom.  Yet, the greatest story never told lays just beneath the surface.  Ask yourself, why would they build a huge animal park in an expensive Bangkok city neighborhood which makes relatively little money on gate receipts yet has a huge overhead to care and feed the animals?  It's not a simple answer, and in fact through their history I'd guess it's a fairly complex situation.  Think about it.

But.. well.. since when is a Texas Longhorn an exotic animal?  They have a small herd on display.  These hardy animals never seem to breed.  Hmm...


Canon 5d Mark II, 300mm F2.8L IS USM  @F5.6  1/320th  ISO 320


November 29th, 1850

I never get tired of the boat yards.  One item of interest after the other and countless photo opportunities.  How about a straight on shot of a boat, nothing special, no wide angle special effects, just a boat..


Canon 5d Mark II, Sigma 12-24mm F4  @F8  1/80th  12mm  ISO 100


November 28th, 2130

I spent the morning in Samut Songkram filing charges against our hit and run driver with The Professor helping as my official translator.  Thank you JTG!  The police promised to track the guy down and file charges and he seemed sincere.  Let's hope I'll soon be going to court ot bear witness.

This image is one of my favorites from yesterdays workshops.  Unfortunately it has heavy CA.  Can you spot it?  The Sigma 12-24mm is one of my favorite lenses and a real performer at a great price, but one area where non-OEM lenses fall down in performance is when you push the edges of it's design.  In this case shooting into the sun.  Regardless, I like the image.  How about you


Canon 5d Mark II, Sigma 12-24mm F4 @F11  1/125th  13mm  ISO 100


November 28th, 2000

Our workshop to the Samut Songkram boat yards went well, at least after we lost two hours with the police and insurance people.  With bright blue tape holding my black truck together we finally made it to the boat yards at the hottest part of the day, but we were somewhat saved by cloud cover and a bit of a breeze.  Any of you who have been there with me before know this is an interesting place, but also hot and fraught with obstacles and the potential for injury.  This is why we go slow, with purpose, and watch our every move.  The migrant workers are very friendly often asking to have their photos taken, perhaps hoping to see themselves in the newspaper the following day.  We walk from boat to boat, all under various stages of being rebuilt, and take in as much as we can.

This time was fun.  One of the painting ladies remarked my client was a "delicious farang" and promptly invited him up to the super structure.  After a high climb up a rickety ladder he was standing tall "Permission to Come Aboard SIR!"  Permission as granted and he spent a good 45 minutes examining every nook and crannie of a splendidly rebuilt fishing boat.  Meanwhile, being the chicken I am I stayed down below and looked for other opportunities for my ultra-wide lens.  The image below was taken 'from the hip' without benefit of looking through the viewfinder or careful framing.  A bit of processing later and I quite like it



 Canon 5d Mark II, Sigma 12-24mm F4  @F11  1/125th  20mm  ISO 100