November 27th, 2040

ALL the site issues have been fixed, all blogs are working, and all is fine in paradise one again.   Well, except for the creep who tried to fit his large van between my truck (in the most right lane) and the concrete center divider and took out the side of my truck during a workshop today.  We had to chase him down to stop, and then when he stopped he glared at us, jumped back in his van, and took off.  But not before my workshop client grabbed the only camera out of the bag and grabbed his picture!  Gotcha!  Too bad an ultra wide was on the camera and even a 1:1 crop isn't that sharp, but it's good enough.  I'll be filing hit and run charges against this guy in the morning.


Canon 5d Mark II, Sigma 12-24mm F4  @F8  1/160th  24mm  ISO 100


November 27th, 0830

The main blog entries are still down, but should be up later today.  This week's content is going live this evening at 1900.   Our Feature Photograph
"Looking Beyond", our Feature Destination  by Tom Tweedel "Hanzhou China, West Lake", a tutorial on "Selective Saturation", Rick asks about focusing with the NEX-5, news for the week of November 27th, and Steve'S Musings "Setting The Tone" will go live in the indexes.


November 26th, 2200

I apologize for the site being up/down today.  We're implementing the last changes and backing up everything, so there have been periods the site might not function correctly.  Currently the articles are off-line and we'll bring them up as soon as we can.

November 26th, 2000

I'm very disappointed to report that after ERSI had my USA purchased Nuvi 3790t GPS for two weeks, they were unable to install the new Version 11 maps.  The exact same maps they're currently putting on their own Nuvi 3770.  They did tell me they were currently testing the non-Thai OS models, but it would be about a month before they could release it.  I can wait a month if that's the case, but I've been given so many excuses I really don't know what to believe at this point.


November 24th, 1850

I've been busy the last few days preparing the weekly column, but I wanted to bring you a preview of one of the articles where we'll show you selective saturation techniques.  It's easy, simple, and fun.  Look for it.


Olympus E-10, @F3.2  1/200th  36mm  ISO 160



November 21st, 2040

Even a relatively uninspiring image holds interest if the image is sharp and displays a great amount of detail.


Canon 5d Mark II, 300mm F2.8L IS USM  @F5.6  1/250th  ISO 400

As the most busy traveling day in America draws near a national "Opt Out" day is planned.  Many American's will opt-out of the naked scan and submit to the genitalia groping pat down instead.  Obama says he feels our pain but the naked scans and genitalia groping are good for us.  Of course he doesn't need to go through the scanners and his wife and kid's naked images won't be taken and some stranger won't have their hand down the pants of his wife and kids.  But he feels our pain.