May 31st, 2010  MEMORIAL DAY

In America today is Memorial Day.  A day when we remember those, both civilian and military, who have died in the service of our country.  Most are Soldiers, Sailors, or Marines who gave the ultimate sacrifice but there are indeed a significant number of Merchant Marines, Red Cross Volunteers, and many more civilians who also gave just as much.

Historically and traditionally our nations President, no matter the party, would attend and preside over somber ceremonies out of duty and respect for those who served.  Not this year.  It appears a family weekend holiday is the priority for our current President.  It saddens me.  When most Americans use this national holiday as a chance to take a long weekend vacation, at least in the past the millions of veterans could count on our President to keep the holiday in perspective and show the proper respect and reverence to those who have made our American way of life possible.  Not any more.  The respect has turned to disdain and veiled contempt.

As a Veteran myself I find it impossible to observe Memorial Day without also remembering that so many of our allies from Britain, Australia, and many other countries also gave just as much.  Politics aside, war is a nasty terrible business which is sometimes necessary.  Please accept my heartfelt 'thank you' for your service.  Thank you!

Inside Thailand you need look no further than Kanchanaburi to learn more about the suffering and sacrifices of so many of our uniformed.  One war cemetary holds over 2800 Australians, both have many from all allied countries.  The Death Railway War Museum is especially educational.



Veterans I salute you!


May 28th, 2010

Its been a busy week.  We've implemented many behind the scenes performance tweaks so you should find your navigation through the 'articles' section much faster  than before.  We're increased the 'user galleries' from 800x600 to 800x700 to take into account the 100 pixel high thumbnails so you pictures will now keep their natural perspective.

I've also posted the first ever on the internet review of a Lenovo's x201s Thinkpad.  This is a 2.5 pound 12.1" LED backlit matte screen i7 powerhouse that I further upgraded with a Crucial Tech C300 256g SSD and Windows 7 Ulimate x64.  What you end up with is a 2.5 pound tough as nails notebook that performs better than most desktops more than a year old, and will satisfy just about anyone with its speed.  Check out the review here.

Meanwhile more greaet content will come online between 7-9pm.  enjoy!


May 25th, 2010  0300

Based on members feedback we've changed a few things and added another.  We've changed "User galleries" to "Member's Cafe" and in drop down menus placed the 'Photo galleries" for users and a new section titled "Thailand Photo Stories."

If you have any photography based stories, trip journals, or anything you've written about photography, or written and taken pictures of, please email it to me and I'll format and put it up for everyone to enjoy.

May 24th, 2010  2000

Monsoon season is here!  Last night I had three computers going doing backups, file transfers and even some firmware upgrades to my SSD's when lightning struck the building and despite my UPS devices I lost several drives and data.  I'm been working nonstop to get things bakc on-line and recover as many files as possible.. but there will 'some' permanent losses.  Without a good backup plan and without server grade UPS's I fear I would have been part of the long line down at the condo office this morning screaming in frustration.   Monsoon season.  Get some!


May 23rd, 2010  1430

We've done it!  If you have any cultural questions just go to the forums and The Cultural Corner and ask the Professor! 

What do you think about a 10th article category featuring Thailand Photo Stories?  Give me some feedback and let me know if this interests you.