June 12th 2010  0700

There will be no column or new content this week.  I had a lot planned but the workstation rebuild and Lightroom re-indexing and preview building is still going on as I write this.  All eight threads of my CPU have been hovering around 90% for over 48 hours building previews for over 166,xxx images.  As of this moment we're about halfway done.  Without access to my images I couldn't write a decent column.

Also, my son came in last night and I'm having a great time visiting with him.  He's 17 and has a lot to talk about..:)

Next week we'll have two reviews.  One review is going to center around the new features of Lightroom 3.  There are some fairly significant changes and we'll take a look at each one.   Next, is a cloud syncing program I've been test driving for a month now that syncs your Outlook, iTunes, docments, or any folders you want across as many laptops and computers as you buy licenses for.  These computers need not be in the same room or even on the same continent.  Ever.  When one updates or modifies something in a designated folder the updates are made across every computer in the group.  Automatically and seemlessly wtihout thinking about it.  Turn on your laptop after a month of not using it and a few minutes later it's as up to date as your office workstation you've been using an hour ago.  It does this via the cloud.  You'll get a full review of both products next Saturday.

Have a great week!


June 10th 2010  0010

Dana has submitted his second photo story in the "Thailand Photo Stories" section and its.. well.. errr.. umm.. lets just say it's unique.  You won't be reading this story anywhere else but there. 

Do you have a photo story of your own?  A trip journal with pictures?  Anecdotes?  How about a poem or haiku?  I'll have to get busy myself and see if I can come up with a decent photo story or maybe I'll clean up the "My Chanteuse" series and make the suitable for this site.  Send any stories you want to share to info@bangkokimages.com


June 9th 2010   2347

This has been a crazy week.  Lots of little things going on that took tons of my time, not the leas tof which was when installing a simple SATA port extender into my main workstation and ending up with a down system that took 2 days to troubleshoot and isolate.  Turns out the small 3000 baht card blew my motherboard, either it was defective electronically or it ate my firmware.. not sure which.  Bottom line is I had to replace the motherboard, spend a full day reactivating software on the phone (when you change a major system component this is required much of the time), and then configuring the rest of the system to work best with the new motherboard.

This happened right as I received my 2nd imaging monitor from NEC which I'd been waiting for and was over two months late.  So that had to be added to the system, profiled, and the loaner monitor packed up and returned.

Adobe's Lightroom chose this week to release Version 3.  I couldn't help myself.  I went into my Adobe account, ordered the new release, and have spent the day tweaking the workstation to the new Lightroom, reindexing, regenerating preview images, and another day learning the differences between LR V2.7 and LR V3.  There are several new and exciting differences and I'm debating during a Lightroom Version 3 special this Saturday for those of you wondering if you want to upgrade or not.  I'll save you the read, YES you really do want to upgrade.   Look for my special this Saturday where I'll explain why.


June 8th 2010   0014

Sony's new Alpha NEX-3 and NEX-5  both are small pocket size cameras with APC-S sized sensors with available ISO speeds to 12,800.  This from a 10 ounce total weight that fits in your pocket depend on the selected lens.  Both have articulated screens (screens that tilt and swivel), HD Video, 920,000 pixel LCD's, and are aimed at actually being able to be used mostly in automatic program modes.  Ideally these should be the perfect camera to carry with you anywhere, and still be able to get the same quality image as say a Nikon D300 or a Canon 50d. 

I want one.   Sony Thailand's website currently has a promotion where you can sign up to receive one of the first 100 NEX-5's in Thailand and they're adding some promotional bling to the package in the way of a Sony case, flash card, screen protector, and some other items.  AFAIK only the NEX-5 and 14-55mm zoom with image stablization is offered in this promotion.  I signed up and they have already called to confirm I can pick mine up on the 15th. 

If you want one check on Sony Thailand's site and sign up now!

I'll be featuring a review of this camera around the end of the month.


June 6th, 2010  2000

This weeks new articles went live at 1900.  If you don't see them on the Articles page please refresh your browser with the controls "Control-F5" and upon refresh they should be there.

How is your weekend going? 

June 5th, 2010  0025

The new servers are online!  Your Bangkok Images experience should be much faster and even more fun! 
Give us some feedback in the forums please.

June 4th, 2010

A lot is happening at Bangkok Images today.  Our 2nd NEC monitor is being delivered and I'm trying to figure out a new phone wiht more features than a phone ought to have.  We're not yet up on our new server but we're getting close.  We'll let you know as soon as the switch over is complete.  Meanwhile, we're working on tomorrows column and it should be a good one with images from Angkor Vat Cambodia and a review on a Western Digital HD Media Extender.  Look for on www.stickmanbangkok.com before 1800 and on this site after 1900!

June 3rd, 2010

Due to poor performance from our current server.. which makes the site appear sluggish at best.. we'll be moving to a dedicated server and are currently in the process of backing up the site and making the move. 

For the most part this will be transparent to users and the final switch will be done during the wee hours of the night so as to inconvience as few as possible.  HOWEVER, know that any gallery changes/uploads or even forum posts made during this change might or might not make it through this switch.

We hope this change is completed before the weekend.  Thank you for your understanding.
I think you'll like the performance increases!

June 2nd, 2010

This post is purely to brag.  My son who served two combat tours in Iraq as a Marine, and came home to attend the university and become a High School Math Teacher, and who graduated last year, as finally won a very hard to earn teaching position at a high school near his home teaching high school math.

My son is a good husband to his wife, a wonderful father to their children, an inspired Marine, and I'm sure he'll make a great high school math teacher.  But he was my son first and will be my son last.  I'm not good at telling my sons how proud I am of them.. an area I really need to improve.  Even if it's not possible to be more proud..

Congratualtions Alan!

Love ya



June 2nd, 2010

This post is to welcome Dana to Bangkok Images and link you to his first "Thailand Photo Stories" submission and I don't mind telling you it's a good one!  Take a peek and I guarantee it will make you smile.  Dana needs no introduction, his stories are on the best Thailand websites and many consider them legend..
Do you have a Thailand Photo Story?  A Photo Journal of your travels?  An amusing ancedote about Photography?  An observation?  Poem?  Haiku?  Please email it to me at
Steve@BangkokImages.com and I'll put it up.

Please keep in mind this is a family orientated website with enjoying, learning, and sharing our photography as our main theme/goal.  Comments are enabled throughout the site and I'd encourage you to be honest, helpful, and remember the golden rule.. :)