July 6th, 2010  0235

The galleries have been repaired and are operational again.  Thank you for staying with us through our growing pains.

Our experience with the new Sony NEX-5 and 18-55mm OS lens continues and we're very pleased with the image quality.  We hope to bring you a thorough user report soon.


July 4th, 2010   2209

Happy 4th of July! I hope your holiday back home is going well and you're enjoying the long weekend.

The forums were adjusted and I was able to remove the spam.. so the forums are back up.  You've gotta wonder just how funny someone thinks they are to put up such garbage.  I'm sorry for the brief outage.

Remember, this is a family orientated site and we want to keep our content appropriate and welcoming to everyone.  If you see inappropriate spam or any inappropriate content, please don't be afraid to  let me know.   Email me at info@bangkokimages.com and we'll get it taken care of asap.


June 29th, 2010   2130

I took the forums down until we can clean up the spam and have some measure of control over future spam attacks.  I hope we can get them back up soon.  Sorry for the inconvenience.


June 29th, 2010   0413

Good weekend?  Ours was pretty good.  We're using the new Sony NEX-5 more and pushing its' boundaries so we can give it a fair review soon.

Perspective.  Most people take shots straight on from their full height thereby making images that look rather ordinary.  Such as this one.

Most interesting shots happen when you work for them a bit. Simply squatting down provided a perspective most adults don't see while standing, which is most of the time.  By squatting down, getting close to the subject, and using a wider angle, all of a sudden we have a more interesting shot.  All for free!  What do you say?



June 25th, 2010   2222

Tomorrow at 1900 new articles will post to the site.  If you don't see them on the articles page please press Cntl-F5 to refresh your browser and they'll be there.  We're having a review on a value under $1000 SSD, a step by step look at building a composition, an interesting question comparing the popular point and shoot Canon S90 to the new Sony NEX-5, and my musings about photographing people like zoo animals.  Check out the new articles every Saturday at 1900.


June 23rd, 2010   1802

Monsoon season is with us again with lightning and thunder with heavy rains most every late afternoon and evening.  Don't let the weather keep you indoors and your gear safely zipped in your bags.. head out into the weather and see what kind of interesting captures you can make using the weather as a backdrop!




June 22nd, 2010  0222

The BTS Airport Link is now running it's few weeks of free rides before  going 'live' on the first of this month.  I've watched this link be built from the original ground breaking outside my bedroom window until completion.  Its been quite the project.  Sometime soon I'll put together a series of pictures showing the ground breaking and all the steps between then and completion.. and of course some nice shots of the completed project.  This evening we made this capture.