July 12th, 2010  0240

There is entertainment, and there is ENTERTAINMENT!   Tonight my son and I were invited guests to the Thai Youth Choirs latest performance before heading to China for an international competition.  It was an enjoyable time for all and I had the additional pleasure of sitting next to Thailand's most accomplished Conducter Dr. Pawasut Piriyapongrat who was able to help educate me on the finer points of choral performances.

No photography was allowed, but unfortunately no one respected this request and all around me 1000's of point and shoot cameras were beeping, buzzing, and worst of all flashing.  I had my new Sony NEX-5 with me and I discreetly disabled the AF beep, turned off the AF illuminator, disabled the flash, and tried to make a few captures at higher ISO's without flash, both to test the capabilitites of this new and fun camera and t have some remembrances of a fine night out.

The camera didn't perform bad for the conditions.. but not great either.  The included Sony software is terrible and I can't wait for Lightroom or ACR to update and support the Sony NEX-5.  You need the best software to eek out decent image quality from any DSLR in these conditions and these ISO's.. but with a small hand held model.. you need it for sure.

Sony NEX-5  F5.6  ISO 3200   The Choir


Sony NEX-5  Flash.   ISO 800 TYC's former Maestra, the kids love her more than ever.


Sony NEX-5  ISO 3200   1:1 crop   Thailand's National Artist for choral works


Sony NEX-5  ISO 3200   National Artist presents flowers to a soloist.


Sony NEX-5 ISO 3200   The new conductor as he tries hard to put on a good performance.  He deserves credit for trying.


Sony NEX-5  ISO 6400  Not properly focused.   The flute and piano player.


Sony NEX-5  ISO 12,800 and processed to look cartoonish..but then so is are the shoes and purse.


July 11th, 2010  0005

Don't forget JTG will take on all cultural questions in our Cultural Corner.  Do you have a question about language, how to take a Thai's photo, how to approach a girl to pose for you, any cultural question.. she's ready and willing to answer.  ASK THE PROFESSOR!!!  What an opportunity!


July 10th, 2010   2355

Sometimes we all get bored no?  And when I get bored I'll sometimes pull out old slides.. in this case fire damaged melted slides of irreplaceable images.  They might not look like much.. but I can make out the individuals in each and there is a small story for each which I'll share.



Almost a cartoonish look at a saved burned negative.  My wife and her wolf on the Umpqua river nearly 12 years ago.  Sadly Thailand would not allow importation of a wolf, even a wolf hybrid, and we found a good home for him in the mountains on a large ranch.  Not a day goes by when my wife doesn't mention she feels the loss of the close bond you can only achieve with a wolf.



Equally old and damaged Ektachrome slide I managed to get some visuals off of in my flatbed document scanner.  My son who was six, and my only grand daugther at 2.  I haven't seen her since this occassion.



Very damaged but the recovery results in the best image I have of my grand daugther.  She must be starting high school this year.


July 10th, 2010   0410

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