September 4th, 2010  2100

This weeks content just went live.  A primer on the Sanctuary of Truth, a 3 way keyboard Shootout, Charles asks about a back up image, our feature photograph demonstrating improving an old image with newer software, a lot of new announcements from Sony and Canon in the news section, and finally my blog entry about being Momentarily Satisfied..

How about a peek at next weeks Feature Photograph?


Canon 1ds Mark II, 70-200mm F2.8L IS, @F4 1/200th  95mm  ISO 800


September 3rd, 2010  2345

All the auto generated emails from Bangok Images are now working properly.  They haven't been for some time, often returning an error message after registration even if the registration was valid and verficiation codes were sent.  Now everything works 100% as it should, no error messages, verification messages are immediately sent upon registering, and it's smooth as silk.    A fairly simple matter of understanding SMTP protocols.

We've cleaned up and fixed a lot over the last 48 hours and there's more to come.  Later this week I'll be upgrading the user galleries and we'll finally decide on the final dimensions for the images and thumbnails.


September 3rd, 2010  2215

This one is too good to let fall too far behind.  You really want to finish this site for free reading material of the best kind!

Do you enjoy reading? Do you enjoy the ebook format?  Do you enjoy the classics?  Would you like to get FREE classics in ebook format?  Yep, really.  Huck Finn, Shakespeare, Moby Dick, The Koran, Wuthering Heights, War and Peace, and even the Bible in many different versions are all available for free (out of copyright) over at Project Gutenberg.  Check out their top 100 list to see what others enjoy reading.  Yes, you can even download them from and to your Kindle, or enjoy them from your computer using the free ebook readers such as Adobe Reader and others.  1000's of great books for free.  Let me know when you've read them all.. ;o)



September 3rd, 2010   2200

Don't forget JTG will take on all cultural questions in our Cultural Corner.  Do you have a question about language, how to take a Thai's photo, how to approach a girl to pose for you, any cultural question.. she's ready and willing to answerASK THE PROFESSOR!!!  What an opportunity!


September 3rd, 2010  1930

Woo Hoo! We've recently added the new gallery header "Ayutthaya" and in this category we've added two great new galleries.  Ayutthaya's Floating Market, and Ayutthaya Wat Ratchaburana.  Check them out!


September 2nd, 2010  2100

Along with the change to a new server Bangkok Images moves under our full control and maintenance.  It has taken me a few days to feel comfortable with the software, but I'm now implementing small changes and rearranging a number of things.  You may or may not notice these differences, but if you do see changes going on just know that it's me poking around under the hood, checking the oil and  radiator fluid and making sure all is fine.  Soon we'll have some new galleries and other features ready for you!


September 1st, 2010   0345

Bangkok Images is up on a new server/host as of this evening.  The migration appears to have went very well and there should be no obvious differences.  In fact, I wasn't going to mention it.. but then I thought it would be useful if you notice any performance issues or any issues whatsoever.. please let me know.  Providing our new host keeps up the good work there will be no more changes for quite some time.


August 31st, 2010  1600

Adobe releases the finalized Lightroom 3.2 and Aobe Camera Raw (ACR) 6.2  You can find the Windows version of  Lightroom here, and Windows version of ACR here.  The Mac version of Lightrom can be found here, and the Mac version of ACR here.



August 31st, 2010  0200

Let's face it, the thought of a 2.5 pound do it all computer is very appealing.  Netbooks have been all the rage over the last 18-24 months.  Unfortunately they've also been very slow, underpowered, have poor graphic capabilities, and it took an awful lot of patience just to wait for one to boot up.  And once it did, you were limited to basic tasks like checking your webmail or surfing the net.  Nothing serious could be done concering photography.

This left you with the choice of either accepting this poor performance, or purchasing a premium laptop like my 2.5 pound Lenovo x201s with 256gb SSD, full graphic capability, and a fast i7 CPU with 8gigs of RAM.  This is one fast notebook, and very tough, and very small and light.  Yet, it's as expensive as it is great.  Most people can't justify the high price.

Now we have another choice. Asus just announced their new 1215N DUAL CORE ATOM netbook with Nvidia grapics, HDMI output, Win7 Home Premium, 12.1 inch 1366x768 screen, 3.3 pounds, and with a estimated street price of $500 USD's it positions itself very well betweent the lowest priced lowest weight netbooks, and the premium competition.  It provided a middle ground choice.  And this is just the first model using the new dual-core Atom, knowing Asus they'll soon come out with several variations to suit anyones needs!



August 29th, 2010  1740

A sneak peak at next weeks Feature Photograph.  Yes. Its the same image as the one directly under it, but totally re-worked using software that wasn't available then.  See if you can pick out the differences, if you like the changes or prefer the old one, and let me know if you're interested in learning how to these changes were made.


Canon 1ds Mark II, 24-70mm F2.8L  @F8  1/250th  32mm  ISO 100