September 11th, 2010  2110

Today we had a workshop where the client wanted to learn a bit about photographing people and using flash.  I can't help but feel he was successful!


Canon 5d Mark II, 85mm F1.2L USM  @F1.2  1/160th   ISO 400


September 10th, 2010   2130

Some of you might have noticed our What's New and Article Pages were down most of the day.  We were effecting some upgrades which include some great new features including social bookmarking (for all the popular social sites), easier navigation, and a list of related articles at the end of every article.  Thank you for your patience.  The gallery upgrade is next!


September 10th, 2010  0045

A few years ago I had a request from a client to help him color profile his Imac and introduce him to Lightroom 2.xx.  He didn't request hands on instruction with the camera and after requesting and receiving several of his images I understood why.  This man knew his way around a camera!  During our workshop we discussed his goals of writing a book on some topic concerning Northern Laos.  Yesterday in the post I received a copy of his new book "Food from Northen Laos, The Boat Landing Cookbook!"  I spent a few hours reviewing this book and immediately knew I wanted to review it in my regular column and I will.  Look for the review on September 18th.  More, I picked up my keyboard and sent Kees a brief message saying "I'd really like to interview you, many readers will be very interested not on in your book, but in the process of making the book and getting it on the market."


This afternoon I interviewed both his wife Dorothy Culloty who was responsible for the writing, and Kees Sprengers who was responsible for the photography.  This joint effort produced much more than just an unusual and good cookbook, the photography went further and looked into the lives of the Lao people in a a way rarely seen.  You'll want this book and you'll want to give copies to your family back home for Christmas. Its a cook book of exotic foods, its a travel book, and it's a fine photography book. Available on Amazon as of September 6th, 2010.  Look for the review this September 18th and the interview on September 25th.



September 9th, 2010   0110

Something fun.  Everything about the light was wrong with this image, so I ran it through a bunch of different techniques to see if I could come up with something appealing and edgy.


Canon 5d Mark II, 24-70mm F2.8L USM,  @F7.1  1/80th  65mm  ISO 250


September 7th, 2010   0145

It turns out the platform software for this site was severely out of date with several "critical' releases not installed.  More, the same is true for our blog modules and gallery modules.  Our gallery and blog modules have obvious and serious issues, some of which you guys have addressed since the site opened.  For a long time fixing these things was out of my control, but I'm happy to say I have complete control to effect the upgrades.  However, we must go about it carefully, one major upgrade at a time, and then use the site for a while to make sure the upgrade didn't cause any issues.

For instance you've probably noticed the site has performed much faster and more smoothly over the last week?  Great improvement.  Our platform software has been brought up to the latest standard, and our critical issues have been resolved.  Search engines are now picking up content and we're doing much better.  Soon, tomorrow I hope, our blogging software will be brought up to date fixing several issues and allow several new features including small thumbnails in the indexes.  Finally, we'll update the galleries which have many new and fun features.  I can't wait.  Probably by this time next week we'll be current on everything and the site will be performing at it's maximum. 

As I bring the improvements on line I'll let you know what they are so you can take advantage of them. 


September 5th, 2010  2245

Today was a fun excursion with my assistant to the Phra Chulachomklao Fortress, a Navy Yard area with a museum ship.  It was fun and will be featured later, but for now I wanted to share my favorite image.  A very plain porthole.  You Navy guys will marvel a warship has a porthole and appreciate the image all the more.


Canon 5d Mark II, 70-200mm F2.8L IS  @F5.6  1/320  175mm  ISO 100