September 29th, 2010  0355

This was taken about 50km's outside of Pai on the top of a mountain range where the Lisou people were selling their products.  This was a very beautiful view and I took several fun landscapes from this location (not in this direction, behind me.. :)..


Canon 5d Mark II, 24-70mm  F2.8L USM  @F8  1/125th   24mm   ISO 100



September 29th, 2010  0350

I'm very pleased to announce our Site Galleries are now working as originally planned.  This took a lot of hard work but now our galleries are in the right order, sorted as I wanted the images to be presented, and several other things.  If the galleries were originally installed properly and if the gallery software was originally bug free, we'd never have had these issues.  They weren't easy to fix.  But when it comes to web development, photography, or any profession, what separates the hacks from the professionals is resisting throwing up your hands and saying "oye ve, it's good enough for Government work.."  And instead throw your back (or in this case your mind) behind the problem and sorting out the issues.  I'm not a hack and this site represents me, so I'll always do what's necessary to make it as professional as possible.  It's possible the cache still hasn't caught up with the database and some sorting errors are still there, but for the most part the war is won, the problems found, and as these issues make themselves known we can now correct them.  Immediately.

Did you know our Site Galleries has a Full Screen mode?  It's great.  Click on the full screen icon (right side of the command bar) and you'll go into full screen mode, which gives you 1600x1200 images (80% of our galleries) or 1920x1200 images (20% and all future galleries) which allows you to see our images as they were meant to be seen.  Well, as close as you can get without printing and mounting them.  GIve the feature a try, I think you'll really enjoy it.

We have more cool gallery features we'll be enabling as soon as we're 100% certain our latest fixes and improvements are stable.  We'll also be adding video to both our blogs (our blogs are now video enabled) and we'll have Site Video Galleries set up soon.  I'm trying to get some time lapse and Podcast tutorials up before the holidays.

As part of todays improvements I've decided to make live, (5) five new galleries from my Mae Hong Son trip.  If you don't want the next 2-3 weekly columns spoiled, you might want to hold off viewing them, as I'll be using some of the images from the galleries in the columns.  You've been warned.. :)

Our User Galleries have also been upgraded and I'll get around to finalizing the size, features, and thumbnail sizes in the next week or so.  If you have any input please let me know.  I'd really like to see the user galleries used more to share your work.. so lets get them the way you like them.


September 27th, 2010  2110

Mae Hong Song isn't all about spectacular vistas and picturesque roads and local shops.  There is also some interesting architecture in the area quite different from the cookie cutter structures we're used to seeing.


Canon 5d Mark II, 24-70mm F2.8L USM  @F8   1/125th  70mm  ISO 100


September 26th, 2010  2250

The beauty and peacefulness of Mae Hong Son still owns my thoughts most hours of the day, and as I sit back and carefuly and slowly process these images, a second look on proper monitors vs. a small 12" notebook screen, I come up with different views which I hope you'll enjoy.


Canon 5d Mark II, 24-70mm F2.8L USM  @F8  1/500th  24mm   ISO 100


September 25, 2010  2130

New content just went live at 1900.  I interviewed Kees Sprenger and Dorothy Culloty about their book "Food From Nortern Laos", I take you though another tutorial on how to process a landscape with Lightroom 3.2, Photography News for the week including Photokina coverage, Rickster asks about SD card ratings and the perfect small camera, and I muse about "It's All In The Eyes.."  And straight from Mae Hong Son, Pai, the Feature Photograph "Artistically Transported." 


September 22, 2010  0030

This is another image from Mae Hong Son that caught my interest during processing.  Truly a beautiful area.  I'm already looking forward to returning.


Canon 5d Mark II, 24-70mm F2.8L USM, @F8  1/500th  24mm  ISO 100

September 21, 2010  1230

I wanted to bring up the review of the book I recently reviewed Food From Northern Laos now that it's posted and live.  This is a fun book full of history, personal experiences, and fun recipes.  A great holiday gift for sure.  You can get it here on Amazon or visit their site directly.  Look for my interview with the photographer Kees and the writer Dorothy this Saturday.