November 2nd, 2215

Anyone notice the weather is really nice this last week?  I haven't turned on an air conditioner for almost a week now.  A bit early in the season for such cool weather, but it's welcome nonetheless.


November 2nd, 2200

Work on the site continues.  Please me patient.  I need to find time for the site, and the column, and to get ready for an upcoming long trip all this week.  The site is mostly done, but a few small things still need attending to and I'll get to them soon.


November 1st, 2345

We've went live with the new look and there are still a few issues to work out which we'll get to tomorrow.  99% of the site is functioning correctly so enjoy and please provide feedback.


November 1st, 0130

Am I the only one who tries to figure out what the animals are thinking when you photograph them?  Look at the guy on the right.   This is what I think was going through his mind: "Hey, do I come in your home and take pictures of you and your wife?  Right, I don't.  So what makes you think you can come in mine with a big honking lens?   Hmm.. I wonder if I can jump off this platform and stick my big claw in your window before you manage to get your window closed.. "   Fortunately he decided to let me pass unscathed in favor of taking out a nearby pelican.  After all, it was lunch time and a bird in the mouth is worth more than one photographer in the car..


Canon 5d Mark II, 300mm F2.8L IS USM  @F5.6  1/320th   ISO 500


October 30th, 2115

I've been really busy this week working on the site.  The bottom line is the site wasn't put together correctly from the beginning.  I've been busy re-building the site from scratch off-line and when it's finished I'll switch it out.  For the most part it will be seamless, though there will be a slightly different look.  The end result will be a faster, more smooth, correct running site that will allow us to implement more functions in the near future.  I expect the new site to be on-line before the end of next week.  Stop by and let me know how you like it.

Because I've been otherwise involved with the site I didn't have the time for new content.  Instead I wrote a simple artilce called"Readers Submissions, The What, Why and How" which goes over why Readers Submissions are so important to you and our weekly column, gives you some examples of features written by guest writers, and talks about how to re-size images so you can easily send them in via email or post them here locally in our User Galleries.


October 28th, 1845

Several emails came in which are essentially asking "Steve, exactly how sharp is the pelican?  Does it hold up to a closer look?"  I decided to let you be the judge.  Below is a 1:1 crop.


Canon 5d Mark II, 300mm F2.8L IS USM  @F8  1/320th   ISO 160  1:1 Crop


October 28th, 0915

Sometimes it is the equipment.  On a drab day a quality lens with tons of contrast can cut through the haze and reveal detail you can't see even with the naked eye.  Detail, colors, clarity, and hopefully an expression or action.  This is the very essence you're shooting for when choosing a quality telephoto prime.  Captured and processed properly it almost looks like you sprayed the scene with Windex and wiped it clean with a soft microfiber cloth.  Don't get hung up on equipment, but do realize after a certain point equipment can add a lot to the image.


Canon 5d Mark II, 300mm F2.8L IS USM  @F8  1/320th   ISO 160


October 26th, 2200

The hottest new download at the Android Marketplace is a game called Angry Birds.  I'm not a gamer, other than an old copy of Microsoft's Flight Simulator I don't do anything resembling a game.  But with all the hoopla going on about Angry Birds I decided to give it a try, ya know, just in case I get stuck in a long line at immigration or some other Thai governmental office.  I must admit, it's quite addictive.  Shoot the tough little angry birds with a slingshot at the structure housing the egg eating green pigs and try to crush the pigs under the rubble.  Get all the pigs on one level and move up to the next.  I'm currently on level 19.  How about you guys?  There is no better way to absolutely waste away your time than Angry Birds!  Get it at the Android Marketplace for free, or pay to get it for your Iphon



October 26th, 0800

Adobe releases Lightroom 3.3 RC, a tested release canditate but not a final version.  It supports the new Nikon D7000 and several other recent camera releases.   They also released Adobe Camera Raw version 6.3  RC for CS5 to support the same cameras.