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September 15th Through September 20th
9/26/2010 4:50 PM By  anonymous  
  September 20th, 2010  1910 I've been busy cleaning lenses, recharging batteries, and getting all my gear back into shape.  One of the nice things about Thailand is that you can take your vehicle into a rural environment for a week or so, bring it back covered top to bottom with mud ...


September 5th Through September 11th
9/25/2010 4:55 PM By  anonymous  
    September 11th, 2010  2110 Today we had a workshop where the client wanted to learn a bit about photographing people and using flash.  I can't help but feel he was successful!   Canon 5d Mark II, 85mm F1.2L USM  @F1.2  1/160th   ISO 400   Septem ...


August 29th Through September 4th
9/12/2010 4:59 PM By  anonymous  
  September 4th, 2010  2100 This weeks content just went live.  A primer on the Sanctuary of Truth, a 3 way keyboard Shootout, Charles asks about a back up image, our feature photograph demonstrating improving an old image with newer software, a lot of new announcements from Sony and ...


August 19th Through August 28th
9/4/2010 5:03 PM By  anonymous  
  August 28th, 2010  1900 This weeks new content is coming online as I type.  We have a "Profound Subtleties" as a feature photograph talking about a captivating image of a young girl in a market, a look at "Adult Daughters and Mothers" captured at a local floating market, the "news f ...

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