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October 7th through October 16th
10/22/2010 4:35 PM By  anonymous  
    October 16th, 1150 Tonight at 1900 new content will go live.  We'll have our Featured Photo "The Quintessential Road Shot", our Featured Destination "Lisou Village, Mae Hong Son", the news for the week, a great tutorial on "Gamuts, Color Profiling, and the Internet" which is a fol ...


September 30th Through October 6th
10/13/2010 4:42 PM By  anonymous  
  October 6th, 2010  0530 Good morning!  We just finished putting up a custom exchange rate display engine on our "Home" and "What's New" pages, right under our new Weather Information panels.  There are eight currencies pegged to the Central European Bank and the rates are updat ...


September 21st through September 29th
10/8/2010 4:45 PM By  anonymous  
  September 29th, 2010  0355This was taken about 50km's outside of Pai on the top of a mountain range where the Lisou people were selling their products.  This was a very beautiful view and I took several fun landscapes from this location (not in this direction, behind me.. :)..   ...

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