Bangkok Images offers users a great feature called User Galleries.  In the User Gallery section you can add your own albums and upload images into these albums which are then on display for other site users.  You can link these images in the forum for critique or comment, or send the links via email to family and friends.  There are many possibilities.

This tutorial will cover the basic steps of creating your own albums and uploading images.  Follow along noticing the red arrows I’ve drawn with my crayon to draw attention to certain areas.




In the above sample you’ll notice the red arrow is pointing at the “Albums” icon.  Click on this.




Now, click where the red arrow points to “Add New.”




Follow the red arrows:

1.  Name your album.  In this case I named our album “Your New Album.”

2.  Upload a logo image, or a representative image.   You will get the “Browse” button and be able to choose the image from your computer.



3.  Now hit “Update” to save your changes.




You can edit your album attributes, change it’s name, change the logo image, or update the description by clicking on the small pencil icon here.




Now, let’s upload some images.  Click the “Upload” icon.




To upload images:

1.  Choose your album.  You will have as many choices as you have albums.  This is important, otherwise your images will go to the wrong album.

2.  Choose the “Add Files” button and using the browse feature browse your computer for images and make your selection.  You can select one or more at a time just as you would in your Windows Explorer window.

3.  Now click the “Upload” button and notice the progress bars under each image as they move to “100%” when finished.

4.  Your images are now uploaded in the targeted album.  Click on “Gallery” to view the User Gallery Albums.  Your new album should be the first one.




There it is!  Congratulations.  You can now click on your album and so can others.  Thank you for sharing.




The User Galleries allows you to create “child” albums off the “parent” albums.   However, your parent album must be empty.  If your parent album is empty, it appears as a choice under the Parent drop down menu.  This is a great feature and recommended to help organize more than one album.  You might think of making your parent album with a title of your Display Name and don’t forget to add a representative logo image.  Now, under that parent album you can create one or more (unlimited) child albums neatly organized under your parent album.

I hope this is easy to understand.  If you get hung up on any areas please email me and we’ll make any necessary changes.  I hope you enjoy the User Galleries!