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Steve's Musings

Division of Time
4/3/2010 4:14 PM By  BkkSteve  

Ever wonder how we keep up with all the new products and technology?


3/27/2010 11:29 PM By  BkkSteve  

Sometimes the dreams of the student really can come true!


Leadership Basics. The apply to running a website too!
3/13/2010 6:13 PM By  BkkSteve  

Your mouse click is gold, make the website earn your click!


You Can’t Take Pictures Here!
3/6/2010 11:35 PM By  BkkSteve  

The Thai shop owner came running out waving her arms yelling at us "you can't take pictures here!"


My Personal Preflight Checklist
2/27/2010 8:54 PM By  BkkSteve  

Checklists are very handy for making sure you have all the gear you'll need and that it's working correctly once on site..


Cleaning Out The Inbox..
2/20/2010 9:26 PM By  BkkSteve  

Going through the humiliating, introspective, and humorous process of cleaning our your inbox to the last email..


Meeting Deadlines
2/13/2010 10:03 PM By  BkkSteve  

Writing a column is a lot of work that many don't realize. Stick has been going strong for nearly a decade..


Weekend At The Races
2/6/2010 11:40 PM By  BkkSteve  

A horrific car crash took place outside my home and the pictures show how deadly it must have been..


Work Permits for the Working International Photographer
1/30/2010 12:34 AM By  BkkSteve  

This is a real azz kicker. You need a work permit in New Zealand even for a one day wedding!!!


We’re Living in Good Times
1/23/2010 11:45 PM By  BkkSteve  

We truly live in great times! The availability of great new muscle cars, great technology, easy international travel, we're truly blessed..


    The cheap michael kors entire moncler women jackets time bcbg max I used louboutins this machine...


  2. Re: THIS Is Thailand!

    " . . . ultimately we’re all here because the good (as we individually rate it) outweighs the bad." ...


  3. Re: Racism Among Expats

    Politically correct text like the above is always beyond debate but I pray that no one will ever take...


  4. Re: Lolita Scourge..

    How lethal can this subject be? Sometimes you do not even need to be holding a camera or taking a picture...


  5. Re: What Would Have Prevented The Sandy Hook, CT School Shootings?

    Mike, we may not have had any mass murders like Port Arthur, but I think even you would have to admit...


  6. Re: Yanhee General Hospital Visit

    hi im mark peter maddara im a registered nurse in philippines iwant to work in your country i have a...


  7. Re: What Would Have Prevented The Sandy Hook, CT School Shootings?

    Hi Mike - It's a tough topic that requires an open mind and tons of education. Here's some things to...


  8. Re: What Would Have Prevented The Sandy Hook, CT School Shootings?

    Steve, but you are way off the mark if you think allowing more people to carry concealed weapons will...

    --Mike N

  9. Re: Expectations USA Realized

    Interesting stuff. I remember on our last trip to China my wife and I discussed possibly moving there...


  10. Re: The Psychology of “Reconditioned.”

    I've always tried to buy what makes the most fiscal sense. Sometimes that's new, sometimes used, and...


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