Please don’t laugh at me too much.. ;o)  Everyone at times, often most of the time, gets so caught up in life that they forget to have fun, to take some time away from their responsibilities, to set aside distractions, and pursue that which renews their soul.  I keep telling you guys / girls that photography should be fun, exciting, and most of all it should fulfill your desire to create.  A very human desire.

Yet, all too often I forget myself.  Not this week!  This week I’ve already spent a day at Safari World in Bangkok, did some street photography in Chinatown, and as I write this I’m in a small bungalow outside of Khao Yai National Forest after a day spent hiking on trails and breathing in fresh air.

Tomorrow I’ll be back in the forest in search of waterfalls and wildlife, stay another night, and then I’m driving straight down to Hua Hin and bypassing Bangkok altogether.

Hua Hin stymies me.  I want to do an Outing section on Hua Hin, yet in over 15 - 20 visits I can’t find enough that interests me to even take my camera from the bag.  I’m going to try again this weekend.  Do you have any ideas of things I should look up while in Hua Hin?

In the last few days I’ve witnessed seabirds dancing in step, wild monkeys climbing on the hood of my car and asking for snacks, two separate forest fires with entire mountainsides in flames, one waterfall, kilometers of trails, evergreens, and so much more.

This will have to last me a week or two until heading down to Trat and then on to Ko Chang.  Sometimes I think I’m blessed to have the best job in the world.  For now I feel new again.

Until next time..