Each week when I wrap up a column and send it off to Stick I feel a huge sense of relief.  A lot goes into putting a column together and until you’ve had the responsibility for turning out a column each and every week for a few years.. you just have no idea.  But to be clear, it’s not the work I mind.  I love the work and Stick is very easy to work with.  What worries me is that after sending out next Saturdays column and feeling that relief, is IF I’ll once again feel that burst of energy, that desire, whatever kick in the azz is necessary to get me to start the next one. 


Sometimes the energy is turned on and won’t shut off.  There have been times I’ve forwarded 2-3 months of columns to Stick in advance AND a few submissions.  I’ll sometimes get the inquisitive email from Stick asking “where do you get the energy?”  The truth is, creative energy has no end.  Ask any writer, any photographer, and painter.. creative energy ebbs and tides in sync with the events of your life.  There will be times when you’re on a creative high and material flows faster than your ability to put it to print, while at other times you’ll find yourself staring at the wall knowing a deadline is looming yet the creative spark hasn’t flickered in weeks. 


I’m writing this on a Sunday which means our last column hasn’t been up even a full 24 hours.  But the spark flickered and that familiar sense of excitement is growing as the frame of next week’s column forms in my mind.  What made it flicker?  This is really the key, for everyone its different.  For me it’s being stimulated by something that starts the creative juices flowing, ideas start forming like fast growing spider webs and in an instant I know exactly what every part of the next week’s column is going to be about and how I’m going to do it.


You can help.  Yep, in my mind any successful column is highly dependent on the wants and needs of the readership.  When I get an excellent readers submission like Rod C.’s fun submission from Australia or Rob from 1ds.com sends in a new Feature Photograph with a spooky great bird photo  or if I get a great question like Can I Use a HDTV For a Computer Monitor?”   When these things showing up in my email inbox the odds are high the spark will flicker and I’ll soon be working on another column.


Well, that’s it for this week.  Gotta go check my inbox..



Until next week…