I did a small blog entry some weeks back  about our visit to Yanhee hospital well known for their plastic surgery and included some pictures taken with the new Sony NEX-5.  We were there to get my son evaluated for a mole removal.

Today was the big day.  I’ve never seen a more crowded hospital ward, virtually hundreds of patients were waiting in the plastic surgery department for their turn with the doctor(s), either evaluations, follow ups, or surgeries.

For us today was for the surgery.  Very efficient!  They told us what the fee would be (baht 3510) and we paid in advance.  They led him off to the surgical ward, dressed him in scrubs, and 30-40 minutes later he was finished and we were on our way home with the appropriate crèmes, antibiotics, and pain relievers.  The work appears to be first class!

They appeared to have a very efficient production line serving hundreds of people at the same time, we didn’t wait longer than five minutes for anything, and we were treated professionally and with great courtesy.  And every staff member we encountered from the pharmacy clerks to the nurses to the doctors, all spoke great English.  Overall a very positive experience!

Until next time…