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Sometimes it’s not that easy.

Today I woke up early, carefully packed my cameras and lenses, and headed for Lopburi where I was told I’d find some great photographic opportunities with their popular sunflowers in bloom against some very interesting rock structure/hills.

What most people don’t realize when seeing an interesting image is the work it takes into being at the right place at the right time.  It’s very common, even most common, to make a significant effort to photograph a scene only to have the weather or other variables be uncooperative.

I once made over 20 trips to a mountain peak during the dead of winter hoping for a rare shot of the sun peeking through the clouds and lighting the lake below in an attractive way.  Each trip found me sitting in the bitter cold and snow for up to ten hours at a time.  On the last trip I was almost ready to pack it in when I was rewarded for my efforts with about ten seconds of the most perfect sun before it retreated behind dark clouds.  I got my shot, but 20 trips was a lot of effort for a single image.  I think the effort was worth it and I’ve since sold many copies of this image.

Snowy Lake

Today I drove for three hours to get to Lopburi only to find they’d already harvested the sunflowers!  And to top if off the sky was really hazy and the sun extreme.

When something like this happens you have the choice of getting upset about it, or just making the best of things.  Today I decided a nice lunch and massage would make the trip worth the effort even if I didn’t get the pictures I wanted.  Maybe next time.