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Getting caught with your pants down!

I was a boy scout so I should have known better.  Last week I took my car in for some body damage repairs forgetting that I left my tripod in the back.

This last Monday we were treated to a spectacular sky show with Venus, Jupiter, and the moon appearing in a unique alignment making them visible together, the moon being a small crescent shape laying almost on its back with Venus and Jupiter laying on top.  Both were very bright in the sky over Bangkok which is usually covered with enough smog and haze to obscure even the sun.

Without a tripod I was only able to achieve the same blurry images they put on the front page of the Bangkok Post.  Didn’t anyone shooting for the Post own a tripod, or did they also leave theirs in the car?

Not to fear, from now until mid-February this trio will be appearing at different times, different parts of the sky, and different intensities with different slices of the moon showing.  We have plenty of time to capture some exceptional shots.  Tonight I’m sitting here wondering what famous foregrounds (temples, buildings, structures, etc) I want in the image, and what moon phase will be the most dramatic.

Anyone interested in how to use your compact digital or DSLR to the  most advantage to capture the show?