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New camera gear:  I only write a blog entry if something interesting comes to mind as I write this column and this week I really didn’t have a topic until I started to think about an important upcoming assignment.  I’d really like the latest camera body for this assignment, but I question if I really need it or would get the value from it’s purchase.

Over four years ago I spent over $8000.00 USD’s on a single professional camera body and am still using it today.  I’ve made back the value of this body many times over so to me it was a great value.   Still, there is little doubt that the new $8000.00 model that replaced mine produces more image quality.  Notice I did not say “takes better pictures?”  Better pictures would be my job, more image quality I’ll share with the actual camera equipment.

The big question:  Is there $8000 USD’s worth of difference in image quality and other features over my current model?  I’ve thought about this since the new model was announced and the answer is no there is not.  Yes, I want this new model because it’s the latest and greatest and will provide the very best image quality.  However, from a business standpoint there just isn’t enough value in the new/improved features and image quality to warrant the expense.  For me this is an easy answer from a business standpoint.. but a very difficult one from a hobbyist viewpoint especially when one has the available cash.   Upgrading to the latest model is a question I get all the time, and a question I try to get the person to answer for themselves.. by asking them questions.  If I was this disciplined during my enthusiastic years as an amateur I would have saved a lot of money.