Stranded on  a Deserted Island

You’ve heard this before, but probably as a “desert” island.  How many real desert islands are there?  Not many.  The real phrase is “deserted” island.

Okay, you’re stranded on a deserted island and could have only one lens for your DSLR.  What lens would it be?

This is a great exercise, not because we need to talk about the characteristics of different lenses, but because the answer will help define your style.  Many people don’t even know what their style is, so this is a great way to help think about it.

Would it be a telephoto?  Perhaps to photograph the wildlife?


Would it be a portrait lens to take great portraits of the natives?

How about a macro lens to photograph all the insects?

A zoom lens with a very wide range so you could photograph just about everything?

A very fast wide aperture lens so you could photograph in low light, or inside caves?

Many would say a ultra-wide angle zoom lens for landscapes and even some people photography.  I was tempted to choose this type of lens until I gave it some thought.

Many professionals will tell you a mid-range zoom (24-70mm) is the least desirable lens because they’d never use this range, that other lenses overlap its range.  This is partly true, at least if you’re not a professional who works in a studio where this lens is used more than any other.

My deserted island lens would be my freaky sharp Canon 24-70mm F2.8 L lens, BECAUSE all the other lenses overlap it.  Because it would be extremely useful and allow a high level of photography over the widest subject range.  Its great for landscapes, portraits, close-in wildlife, and the F2.8 aperture is large enough so that even low light photography is possible.

What lens would you choose for your sentence on a deserted island?

Until next week..