The great thing about a blog is that you get to write whatever you want in it.  This week I’m going to rant on a bit about the blinky blink lights you see on Thai cars everywhere these days.

What are they thinking?  Does the law allow these? (don’t laugh)  These Knight Rider wannabe’s are mounting blinking multicolored lights on the front of their cars that are often so bright they can be dangerously distracting.  And lets not forget they’ll often make a tuktuk driver jealous.

Really, do grown Thai adults think these blinky blink lights make them look cool?  Really?

Trends for Thai drivers is sometimes hilarious.  Have you noticed how many shiny bright red brake calipers bearing the Brembo name you see these days?  These expensive brake sets often cost $3000-$4000 USD in the States, yet you see them on every beat out old Honda Civic with race product decals.  You’re also finding these brake sets on more and more luxury brand cars.  A true status symbol.

And then there’s the steering wheels and gear shift knobs.  Of course they wouldn’t be complete without their own blinky blink lights.  Steering wheels with blue and red LED lights.  Why?  Big ugly shift knobs with LED lights.  Gimme a break..

How about the big giant tailpipe ends?  The ones that make the average Toyota Corolla sound like a 125cc motorbike?  The painted stock rims.  The antennas with lights.  Thai car trends..

And then you put them all together.  Knight Rider blinky blink LED lights all over the front and back of the car, red Brembo brake calipers, white painted stock rims, steering wheel with LED lights, gross lighted shift knob, and a big muffler tip that makes the car sound like a chain saw to call attention to al your lights.

The only thing more hilarious than Thai car trends?  The DTAC “Happy” commercials they play during the movie previews at the theatre.  Not because they’re actually funny, but because everyone else in the theatre thinks they’re funny.

Thai individualism at its best.

Until Next Week..