You’ve heard the saying “It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey of getting to the destination?”

Really, in ‘life’ it is about the journey.  Last month some friends and I piled in the SUV and headed off to Nakon Sawan and the Beung Boraphet wetlands roughly 3-4 hours distant.  We talked, we laughed, we discussed photography and the on-going Tour de France.  We stopped and filled the tank of the SUV and quenched our thirst.

It didn’t stop there.  We arrived at the final coordinates on the GPS, got out of the SUV, stretched our legs and gathered our gear, and then headed out on the lake aboard a guided flat bottomed boat.  So far we’d had a great time, but we weren’t there yet.  Heading out on the lake we soon stopped as our guide noticed a small colorful sparrow sitting on a pole.

Silently lest we scare the bird to flight we checked the settings on our cameras, looked through the viewfinders and composed our images, and at that exact moment I had a revelation.  We were there!


Beautiful bird from Beung Boraphet  

Yes, we’d finally arrived and when it comes to photography the rules change and it becomes about being there.  Being there at that exact moment in time when the sparrow lit upon the pole, when the light illuminated his colors, and when he stayed put just long enough to fire off a burst of frames before flying away.  Perhaps to never be photographed again.  That moment of time belonged to us.  We were there.

Until next time..