In Mae Sot outside Canadian Dave's eatery

Captured outside of Canadian Dave's small restaurant


I knew when I was standing there in the rain looking through my viewfinder that if I made this capture correctly I'd have an interesting image because of the ominous clouds and the sun breaking through providing some direct light in an otherwise dark scene.

This image is significant because it does just that.  I captured the mood, which is a rainy dark street in Mae Sot.  But the image also took on a third dimension due to the light forming on the building on the right and the street where the motosai and police truck are.

This is the sort of image that stands out from others taken in like circumstances simply because I was paying attention to the light and adjusted my exposure to show the break in the clouds to the best advantage.  Yes, the picture is ordinary, but it's an excellent ordinary picture.


A khlong home in Samut Songkran

A brightly painted green klong home stands alone


In contrast we have the above image captured in Samut Songkram which was evening lit and balanced well with the sky.  The interesting shade of green contrasting with the blue sky and white picture frame windows and door makes for another pretty picture.  Even so, to me it's just not as interesting as the dark street shot above.