I've been really busy lately and time has rushed past me like a Pattaya bound train full of western tourists using turbo-boost!

It started back in April.  Knowing my son would be here for the months of June and July I wanted to get far ahead on this column so I could give him 100% of my time.  Watching your dad hunt and peck on his computer all night isn't the reason you take a 20 hour plane flight halfway across the world.

Starting in mid-April I started writing like mad.  I had the material from previous time in the field and with a lot of work, by the time I picked him up at the airport I was two months ahead!  For two months I didn't think about writing this column which in reality takes a great part of every week to produce.  And for two months I traveled around Thailand with my son, did whatever assignments came my way, and we had a great time.

And then the summer ended.  Fortunately I had more material gathered during the summer and I wrote a series of necessarily understated and muted articles on my time in Mae Sot and the refugee camps and orphanages.  It was during this time that the renovations on my home/offices started and things have never been the same since.

It was necessary for me to be here each and every minute the workers were here.  Otherwise I'd come home and find a wall constructed across the middle of my living room, or a bridge to nowhere leading off the balcony.  You never really could tell what they'd come up with so I decided to stay home for the duration.

As you already know the renovations are complete and the digs are certainly a lot nicer and more modern.  But it's been five weeks since I've been out in the field capturing new material for this column.  It takes a considerable amount of planning, time, and money to get out there and capture these places.

Which brings me to why I started this blog entry.  I want to thank all of you.  Why?  Because if it wasn't for your questions, readers submissions (some really great ones), a few guest Outing writers (Thank you Tom Tweedel!), and everyone else who contributes to this column then I never would have been able to keep it going.  Thank you!

In the coming weeks I'll get out to places previously unknown and get some great material to share.  In the meantime things might be a bit threadbare.. but it won't last long.

Please keep the interesting questions and submissions coming!

Until next time..