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Review, Imagenomics Portraiture
11/7/2009 5:21 PM By  anonymous  

Mason makes the most amazing glamor and erotic images and he uses Imagenomics to process his images. Mason reviews the newest version of Imagenomics..


Review, Focus Magic
9/26/2009 3:16 PM By  anonymous  

Three of our review team take on the excellent Focus Magic and give it a thorough testing. We really like it so you'll find this worth a careful read.


Review, Breeze Systems BreezeBrowser Pro
9/12/2009 2:51 PM By  anonymous  

If you need a full featured super fast image viewer then look no further..


Review, Helicon Filter
9/5/2009 10:00 PM By  anonymous  

This is a nice program for the complete amatuer with a desire to apply advanced processing techniques to their images.


Review, Resize Magic
8/29/2009 5:30 PM By  anonymous  

This free download simplifies downsizing your images for emailing and posting on forum. A few clicks and your 3mb image is not a very easy 40kb and very easy to send with email.


Helicon Focus Review
7/18/2009 3:18 PM By  anonymous  

Focus bracketing is going to revolutionize the way we do product photography and even landscapes. The promise of unlimited depth of field (DOF) used to be only a dream..

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  1. Re: Betcha Adobe Didn’t Think of That.. Photoshop CC Subscription Model

    Thank you Dana. High praise coming from you. We miss your Thailand Photo Stories.. they were a real...


  2. Re: Betcha Adobe Didn’t Think of That.. Photoshop CC Subscription Model

    A slightly different, and welcome, style of writing. Not hostile, not needlessly aggressive, no exaggeration...


  3. Re: FastPictureViewer, a Review

    Again, I stay with the facts. Copies of the email headers with the registration problem here: www.antonhazewinkel...


  4. Re: FastPictureViewer, a Review

    Whatever you say, Anton. Of course I invented a story about this TIFF performance issue, complete with...

    --Axel Rietschin

  5. Re: FastPictureViewer, a Review

    I prefer to stay with the facts here. I purchased this product by the end of January. After upgrading...


  6. Re: FastPictureViewer, a Review

    @Haani Venkatesan: It seems that your only contribution to the entire Internet is this post, "Haani"...

    --Axel Rietschin

  7. Re: FastPictureViewer, a Review

    @Anton Hazewinkel: I'm surprised to read how your experience differs so sharply from the one of the reviewer...

    --Axel Rietschin

  8. Re: FastPictureViewer, a Review

    in addition: 1,5 month after the purchase I was notified of a version upgrade. thought this might help...


  9. Re: FastPictureViewer, a Review

    Contrary to Haani, I like the interface. If the program would live up to its promises, it would be part...


  10. Re: Review, Breeze Systems BreezeBrowser Pro

    I've incorporated BBPro into my Lightroom workflow by using it to quickly tag and place keepers in a...


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