Hi Steve

I been to IT computer in C.M .i ask there about XD picture card for my finefix f-31. i was told that they are not for sale anymore . at list in this computer center . how come?where can get such cards?



Eyal –

They make them..  look for a store that sells Olympus cameras..  they’re big with Olympus.

They’re not a big seller, so you won’t see them in many general purpose computer stores..  but any camera store selling Olympus products will have them.

Steve (I ended up finding these for Eyal here in Bangkok and mailing them to him up north)


Fred G.  asked me in person where the Nikon Service Center was and their prices for cleaning and servicing.  It took me a few weeks to come up with the right answers and I thought I’d share this information here.


Address: 156 Silom 12 road, Bangrak, Bangkok 10500


Hello Fred –

I have the information I’ll share below and soon in the column.  I was disappointed with the Nikon service center and was hoping my assistant would find me to be wrong, but it didn’t turn out that way.

Address: 156 Silom 12 road, Bangrak, Bangkok 10500

Phone: 02-235-2929-34, 02-263-6570-4

Email: Support@niksthailand.com Showroom@niksthailand.com

Hours: M-F 830am to 530pm

If in warranty cleaning the body and sensor is baht 500.  Out of warranty baht 1000. 2000-3000 baht for a lens depending, with no break for being under warranty!  If in warranty you can pick it up the next day, out of warranty takes a week!

I find this really unacceptable.  First, their location is very difficult to get to, parking is impossible, and it’s really nothing more than a store.  At first I couldn’t believe this place was a modern service center.

In contrast the Canon service center is in a modern tower building on Sathorn, it’s huge, giant showroom, and a modern service center staffed at all times.  Access and parking is easy, and they even feed you while you wait.  The techs will even come out and talk to you if you have an unusual issue.

Prices:  Canon is 450 baht cleaning for any body or lens.  CPS members receive a 30% discount.  I’ve used this service many times, they do it while you wait, and they’re excellent.  Nikon prices are very high and making you wait a week disappointing at best.

This is the same information I learned almost two weeks ago, but before putting this sort of information out in my column I wanted to verify in the event there was a language issue and I’d missed something.  My assistant verified I’d missed nothing.

I’d still get your gear cleaned there..  no choice really..  and for the body it’s not so bad..  but the lens charges are very expensive.  Almost western service center prices.


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