bkk Steve

I am interested to know how to price images. I do get requests for people to use my images via flickr. There is an example below. I am right in thinking the guy is just taking the piss ?  

I have just received another request on Friday from another company  . Can you give me some guidlines on pricing as this is also for an aircraft magazine? 

Many thanks



Marty –

I’m afraid the stock photography world has changed drastically since I’ve been heavily involved in it.  I will give you information I use for myself, but I can’t guarantee it would be accurate for you.

5-6 years ago many “micro-stock” agencies went in business selling images for as little as a dollar.  This was brought on by the digital photography craze and the fact that many if not most web designers were stealing the images from their sites.  At last count my ‘stolen’ image total has images taken from my internet presence at over 2000 sites.  It’s a fact of life professionals deal with and factor into our original quotations.   Because of this practice the micro-stock agencies were started as a sort of peace offering/compromise between photographers and web designers.. photographers get paid a bit, web designers are legal.  This has been moderately successful, but there are still tons of stolen images being used.

Publications, especially on-line publications, find it far cheaper to scour Flickr and other such sites in search of images they will use for an article, rather than pay freelance or staff photographers.  This sounds like what you’re dealing with.  Often the most you’ll get is the cost of a nice dinner.  Not bad if you don’t depend on your work for a living.

 If it’s a printed publication I’d want to know their circulation intentions for my photo, size used, and if it’s a limited license.  Fees can range up to several thousand dollars.. but this is becoming increasingly rare.

Digital photography has effectively eliminated the jobs of many photographers.. amateurs purchase a $1000 camera/lens, make up business cards, and start shooting $600 weddings for instance.   Many people are happy with this level of quality/price and don’t want to pay the $3000-$5000 for a real photographer.  This is just one example, but it’s happening throughout the industry.  Potential clients are increasingly happy with “good enough” work which is really pretty poor in most cases. 

I’m sure this didn’t answer your question, but maybe it will give you a bit more insight and help point you to your answer.