BkkSteve - 

I have a new wide-gamut monitor NEC monitor and am using a Xrite 1id2 colorimeter and the included Imatch software.  I’m getting color casts and everything seems inconsistent at best.  Do I need new software, a new colorimeter, or did I choose an inferior monitor?

Regards, Seta


Seta –

Quite the coincidence.  I too have a new wide-gamut NEC monitor (actually two of them) and I’m using the Xrite 1id2 colorimeter.  I hope to bring the readers a useful review of these great new monitors soon.

To start, the NEC wide-gamut monitors, for instance the LCD2690uxi2, had internal LUT’s (look up tables) which can only be controlled via the DDC channel which runs through your DVI cable to the monitor, as far as I know DDC information is not passed via HDMI, Displayport, or the various adapters.  While you can still use your 8 bit video card LUT’s if you really want, this monitor is best (by far) used with its 12 bit internal LUT’s.  With the NEC’s the internal LUT’s can only be controlled via NEC’s Spectraview II color profiling software.  With an absolute certainty, you should be using the SVII software.

That leaves your xrite 1id2 colorimeter puck.  The NEC manuals list this puck as “compatible” and in fact when used with SVII it profiles my two monitors very nicely.  No issues at all.  However, further research reveals the Xrite 1id2 pucks were not designed for wide-gamut monitors.  To compensate for this NEC included special profiles in their SVII software to allow 1id2 pucks to work within their tolerances for color accuracy and I can tell you from personal experience the color match is very good.

Another however.. the same research reveals Xrite makes NEC’s puck which includes built in color matrixes making their pucks 100% compatible with NEC wide gamut displays without the need for the special profile built into the SVII software.

I can anticipate your next question:   Is there any advantage to using NEC’s wide gamut puck made my Xrite over Xrite’s own 1id2 puck when using SVII software, since SVII has built in correction profiles for the 1id2 puck?  Good question.  My first inclination is no.. no ‘practical’ advantage.  But.. I recently ordered a NEC wide-gamut puck (colorimeter) and should receive it soon.  I plan on doing side by side testing to determine if my first inclination is correct or not.  I suspect there will be no practical difference inside a closed loop system, in other words a system where you process and print your own prints.  But there might be a small degree of better accuracy when profiling to a profile such  as CYMK to be used outside your closed system.  The degree would have to be very small otherwise NEC would not approve the 1id2 colorimeter for use.

So.. for sure buy the SVII software, no question about that.  Or hold off a few weeks and lets see how my new NEC puck compares to our 1id2 pucks.


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