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Question for you......hope you can help!
Many times when I'm with the wife and/or her family,whenver I'm eating they always ask "Aroi mai?"
But of course it comes out like "Alloy mai"? as they have difficulty pronouncing "r".As I'm sure many others do.
Now.....I CAN pronounce "r" quite my reply be "aroi maak!" or "alloy maak!"

Mai's a man to do?

Hope you can use your years of scholarly activities to help me solve this burning issue!

Kob khun krap.


JTG responds:


I'd say do the "r" .. do it the right way..

In the past it used to be only people from the countryside who spoke central dialect with a strong accent. Now sloppy people picked it up and it has become common that a lot of people just opted for the L..

It's my pet peeve that they pronounce Thai that way..

Thai people wouldn't care much when a Thai person pronounce it that way but being a foreigner speaking with the L where it should be an R, people most likely will make an assumption that you've learned your Thai from the wrong crowd.. Ironically we don't think much about Thai people doing the same thing..  Double standard or what..


There’s more on the discussion in the forum in this thread, check it out and add your own two cents worth, I did.  ;o)