Hi Steve,  

I read a while ago in your weekly that you used a program to do a complete HDD backup.

I want to backup my C drive with Xp on it to a sare HDD so that I can install Win 7.

IF things go wrong I can just just plu the old hdd and keep working with xp

By the way is there any simple way of doing a photo montage or colage in photoshop, I want to make one with about 20 photos of our daughter.



Hi Charles –

 1.  I use Norton Ghost 15.  It’s Win7 compatible.  If you’re only concerned with backing up XP on a one time basis, a bargain copy of the previous versions of Ghost might be available for less money.  Acronis also offers a well regarded program called Acronis True Image.  The first 30 days are free so you could make an image and then install Win7 in that 30 day window without registering/paying for the program.  Nothing will go wrong.. and I’d highly recommend you go to a x64 version of Win7.. it’s a great upgrade.

 2.  No.. no simple way.  The easiest way to do this is to make the images the same size, say 640x480.  Same perspective, same size.  Then increase your canvas area to be able to hold the images in a 5x4 image frame.  Doing the math this makes a canvas of 3200x1920, or a 4x5 frame which would be 2560x2400.  Choose your perspective.  Then allow for a small number of pixels between each image, start with 5 and go up and down from there.  You can also just make a big canvas like 5000x5000, put your images together, and then crop to taste.

I hope this helps


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