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I am coming to Thailand next month. I have a lot of old film negatives from the 60 and 70s that my Thai wife assures me I can get processed very cheaply in Bangkok. Can you recommend a good place?

I also have older negatives of my late father's from the 30, 40s and 50s that I would love to get processed. Some of them appear to be half the width of the normal film negatives; some are much bigger, almost like a rectangle, and they individually arranged, not is a strip, and I also have some thet are on a circular card! Hopefully you will have some idea what I mean but I can scan or send a pic if you don't. Is there anywhere in BKK that could develop these?

Many thanks


Jeremy H.

Canberra, Australia



Jeremy –


This one place recently did some printing for me.  They are near Seacon Square, across the street and not easy to miss as they’re very large.  I think you could negotiate prices as over the phone they’re quoting 150 baht a “roll” to scan and give you files on disk.

Chakraval Frame    02-748-0215-6

Of course there are many such places in the greater Bangkok area.. but this place gave me control of their color profiling and let me color profile their system because their system was so far off.. which can be read a few different ways.. 

Do you know flatbed scanners can now do a very good job of scanning most any film positive or negative and time notwithstanding, it might be a better long term choice:  http://www.imaging-resource.com/NEWS/1279396697.html


I hope this helps



Thanks Steve.

This is great. I have a canon scanner with a film attachment and tried scanning film and really struggled to get a decent image. Maybe I need to go back and try again!






Software with scanners makes a huge difference.  The new scanners have much better software more than they do better hardware..  You might want to check out your Canon support site for their latest software and see if that helps.

No matter how you go about it, scanning images is boring.  But for family archive purposes very easy.

A professional drum scanner which is what you want for your best images.. are becoming more rare every year.  The best drum scanner operators have 20-30 years of experience and can make a huge difference..