You indicate in your weekly column that submittals are always welcome, well I will keep them flowing.

What information do you have on the Sony LAEA1 adapter for use on the NEX-5 to allow the use of Sony and Minolta lens.  

  • (EA1 Lens mount adaptor
  • Use your collection of A-mount lenses
  • E-mount adapter provides compatibility with A-mount DSLR lenses)

With your knowledge and experience with all things camera and lens do you see any down side to using this adapter with A-mount lenses?

Would all aspects of picture equal to what would be obtained using an E mount lens?

My reason for this question is that I still would like to use the NEX as a pocket fit camera and this could be a possible fit.



Hi Rick –

I have no personal experience.. but have read it works.. but makes for a very cumbersome combination.

I was thinking about the adapter that allows Nikon and Canon lenses.. but then I thought I already have nice Canon and Nikon bodies for my Canon and Nikon lenses.. so besides curiosity there’s not much point for me.  Though I did have the excellent Nikon 45p pancake lens in mind.. it’s manual focus but that’s okay.. I think it would make an excellent match for the Sony NEX-5..  I’m still tempted.. 




Since a hard drive crash (on the day I bought another disk to "mirror" it!), I have been very backup aware.  My problem began as I collected my directories of pictures from a number of different computers and hard drives and consolidated them into a single directory.  I now have all my photos in one (two, I do mirror my drive now) place but realize there are a large number of duplicates, scattered throughout my consolidated directory.  I am interested in cleaning up my collection and am looking for a good program to identify duplicate images, not just duplicate file names.  Any recommendations?

Bryan R


Hi Bryan –

There are two ways of doing this.  Finding duplicates by duplicate file names, and Lightroom will do that for you.. or find them by matching visual similarities.  Believe it or not, this last technology was brought on by the porn industry.  People would download tons of porn via user groups that would automatically download everything out there.. and they’d end up with tons of dupes. This brought on the need to sort out the same pictures and give you a choice to save the latest date image, the larger image, or whatever criteria you need.

If you google “find image duplicates” you’ll find a host of programs… some freeware, some pay, but nothing I’ve recently used.  Someone I know said they had good luck with this one:  , maybe you’ll find it useful.

I hope this helps



Hi Steve:

 Hope that things are going well with you.  I would love to get back there some time but have been looking at either the area around Egypt or going into India this spring.  I will see what I will be doing.

I am looking at possibly getting another camera body.  I am looking at a nikon D 3000 or a D 5000. 

 They are on sale at costco for $700 and $900.  They have a couple lens that I have already but that is part of the package.

I also picked up a AF Micro-Nikor 60 mm F/2.8 lens and will be seeing what I can do with it.

I would appreciate your opinion. 


Mike G 


Hi Mike -

Nice pics!  Mind if I run them in the readers submission area?

Things are going well here.. Hope everything is going well for you too.

Mike.. I think you're ready for a better camera body than what you're looking at.  The two you mentioned really are no better than what you have.  Consider the D300s.. or an older D300 if it's discounted enough.  There are some great deals out there on the D700 full frame.. and there will be more when the D700s is released in a few months.

The 60mm Micro is a great lens.  I had that one.  You'll need to get close to your subject with only 60mm.. but it's as sharp as any lens gets.. wonderful lens.  However, a 200mm micro, especially the new Nikkor IS version, will give you a much more comfortable working distance for real life subjects where 60mm will put you way to close.

Take care Mike


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