Hi Steve, I'd like to know if you can help me.
I've just setup a new desktop PC, Intel i3, mb is Asus p7h55-m pro with 4 bg ram and 2 W/D 16mb hdd, 1 x 500gb and 1 x 1,000gb.
everything is good but when I plugged in my D-link wireless adapter, I can see my connection but cannot connect. When I go into to the dos prompt and type ipconfig, it tells me that it's disconnected.
Do you have any idea how to fix or solve this.
I'm running win xp, but I'm going to try and run win 7 on one of my spare drives and compare the 2 OS's


Hi Charles -

There are too many variables to even guess.. though many times totally unplugging the router/modem/switch and letting it sit ten minutes.. and then booting it up again will fix such things.

Really you shouldn't be running XP on that machine.. XP is antiquainted and very insecure compared to Win7.. and Win7 has much better networking.  You probably wouldn't be having these issues with Win7..




 I have 500gb sata2 drive that I'm currently removing files from and transferring them to the new 1TB drive. Once that's done I am going to install win 7 on it and see how it goes.
What do you think of my new system.
Intel i3, M/B is Asus p7h55-m pro with 4 bg ram, V/C is a Asus eah5570 1 gb ddr3 card and 2 W/D 16mb hdd, 1 x 500gb and 1 x 1,000gb.



 It should make a decent system.  You're going to find there's a huge speed difference between older hard drives and newer ones.. from 30mbps to well over 100mbps.. so the conventional wisdom of putting your system on the smaller drive might not be the best thing for system performance.

Also.. what 16mb W/D hdd's??


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