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Kees Sprengers is based locally in Thailand and is one of the best photographers I’ve seen when working in the rural environment of small villages.  His language abilities are quite good and enable him to easily communicate and set people at ease.  A while back he attended one of my individual workshops to expand his capabilities with Adobe’s Lightroom and to learn more about color profiling his monitors.  We had a great time and his work was quite impressive.  You can see more of his work by visiting his website here.

Hi Steve,

Some feedback, all positive.

I bought the 5DMkII, and it is brilliant, a great improvement on the 5D.

Better low light performance, and many other improvements.

Got the 24-70, and took both to a job in Laos two weeks ago, shot 4500 exposures.

It did everything except the 5% lower then 2.8, but no lens change, no dust, great pics.

Good advice.

LR2 is a wonderful tool, and saves a lot of time.

The Nikon leather handgrip you showed was a Godsend with many hours handling a hefty camera/lens combination.

I'll try and put some pix onto my site when I get back from this weeks trip to photo Pimai Jin in Northern Laos.

Hope all is ok for you and 'yours'.



Hi Kees -

Great to hear from you!

Nice to hear the 5dII is working out well.  I hear it's a fantastic tool.

The 24-70.. great lens.. I'm glad you went that way.

LightRoom just keeps getting better.  Photomatrix now makes a handy plug-in so you can export your choices into PM directly from LR.. nice.. and even PTlens has the same.  I think Lightroom has helped make photography enjoyable and provided the most results for most of my clients who come through my workshop.

Hehe.. that Nikon strap is a jewel.  I'm glad you were able to find one.

Still using my 5 year old 1ds2.. and hoping Canon announces the new 1ds4 before I lose patience and go buy the 5d2..

Take care



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