Hello Steve,

I've just read your article on the Damnern Saduak Floating Markets. Very good and it looks like we photographed the same stall seller.

You're right about wanting to go back there a few times, now that I've been there I and taken some photos of the place and seen my photos, I want to go back to take some more from different angles.
I am still looking for a good 2nd F2.8 lens though, as 3 days ago I went to the Dusit Zoo and got talking to a Thai who had a 70-210 sigma f2.8 APO lens on a Nikon D80 and he gave me a lend of it to take a few photos of some mere cats and it was incredible the difference in the quality. So I'm going to scratch and save to buy a f2.8 lens. Don't know if it'll be such a big lens or just a smaller one.
I've been looking at these type of lens! Can you guide me if they are any good!

Sigma 18-50mm F2.8 EX DC MACRO Lens for NIKON D-SLR

or this one
SIGMA 70-210mm F2.8 APO AF

Nikon F5 film camera and F2.8 80-200 lens (good buy, even without camera)


Hi Charles –

Sigma makes very decent 70-200 lenses.  Do your research though because some series are better than others.  You’ll want a HSM APO 70-200.

I wouldn’t touch Tokina or any of the others.

Canon has the advantage of offering a 70-200 F4 lens which optically is superb.  Price wise it’s cheaper than the Sigma.. they have a more expensive IS version of the same lens.   I’m predicting that Nikon will be coming out with their own cheaper F4 version soon.. but no telling how long.



Steve if you had to choose between a 24 > 60mm F2.8 and a 50 > 150 f2.8 lens, which would you buy. I am torn between the 2 and can only buy one.
I like the 50 to 150 as I can take portrait and also get close to animals but the 24 to 60 would give me portrait and landscapes also.


Charles –

This question depends entirely on your specific needs.  I really can’t answer it for you.

I can tell you, that for my uses, I use more 50mm and above than below.. but it’s close because I’m a wide angle freak and I love using my telephotos for wildlife..

Take a close look at how these lenses overlap the focal lengths you already own.. and perhaps this will help.



After taking some sample photos from both lens I decided to buy the Sigma f2.8 50 to 150mm APO lens, it cost me 18,000 baht with a new UV filter on it.



Charles –

I hope you enjoy the new lens!  I’ll look forward to some seeing some images from it!



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