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Khun BKKSteve –

I am buying a small compact camera at a local dealer and the dealer wants to sell me a “convenience kit” that has a flash memory card, extra battery, case, and some other things like lens tissues included.  This kit is almost $100, do you think it’s worth it?




Pat –

Thanks for the question, I’m sure this is one most of us have experienced in a camera shop at one time or the other.  I’m very tempted to say to not do business with a shop who pushes these packages, but these days they seem very common.  What usually happens is the dealer gets a great deal on certain items, packages them together at an extremely high markup, and markets them as a great package deal with huge discounts.  This isn’t always the case though, sometimes the dealers just use their good fortune in finding a good deal on products to make a promotion package as at a great price available to their customers.  You mentioned this kit was almost $100, so I’m sure it falls in the first camp.  Try pricing these items separately and ask yourself if you really need all of the items in the package.  I think you’ll find a much better value by shopping around yourself for only those items you want and need.

Happy Shooting!


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