One of my most valued pleasures when writing this column and holding workshops is meeting fellow photographers.  I still learn things from the most basic beginners to the most accomplished professionals.

Every now and then I meet someone whose contributions would benefit the readers and I approach them in a humble plea to share their art and experiences through an Outing or Learning section.  So far we’ve had the pleasure of seeing work from Rob, Stick, and Tom and soon I hope to show you some great work from Kees in the coming weeks.  If I forgot anyone please forgive me.

And of course we have our Readers Submissions and Questions which contribute greatly to reader interest.  If you have a question I’m sure many others do as well, and while you might enjoy looking at professional works it’s often the work of our peers which motivates us more.

If you have something to share please feel free to send it in.  If you think you could contribute an entire Outing section email me and let’s discuss it.  I’m not looking for perfection, but I am looking for anything of interest to your average reader.

The ‘magic season’ of Thailand, the season where its cool enough to get out there and be really active and the light is often soft enough for great pictures, has been upon us now for several months.  If we’re lucky it will continue through mid-February so lets get out there and enjoy the weather and light and take some great photographs!