With a whole house and office renovation taking place it doesn't surprise me that some major cleaning and organizing is taking place.  I've been in the office and printer room, under the equipment cabinets, looked on the shelves near the work table, and taken note of all the electronic toys and goodies no longer used for one reason or the other.

No less than three computers, a large server class UPS, an even bigger color laser, scads and scads of equipment manuals and their accompanying CD's and DVD's, two inkjet printers, four phones, a few stacks of 500gig hard drives, and a Creative Logic Flight stick.  This is far from a  complete list.

There's no telling how many of us have unused and unwanted electronic toys taking up storage space in closets, drawers, under tables, or just sitting there in the open.  Most of this stuff still works but has been replaced.  For instance, my Konica-Minolta Color Laser is a great machine and works fine.  However, it runs on 110v and we have 220v in Thailand.  I used a transformer for years with success, but finally replaced it with a new AIO (all in one) unit that runs on the local juice, does more things, and does everything over the local network.  I no longer need a high volume high quality color laser that isn't network compatible. 

Two inkjets have been replaced for the same reasons, and they still work too.  No less than 12 500gig SATA II hard drives work, yet have been replaced.  A laptop (earmarked for a good cause), 2 point and shoot cameras (also earmarked), one complete workstation, and one CPU/RAM/MB combo that is still current and tons of them are being sold today.

I don't want to throw this stuff away, and I don't want to go through the trouble of selling it.  So, what to do with it?  I've found good and deserving homes for a lot of this stuff.  I've also put the word out to friends and family to please give me their old and not-working laptops and digital cameras.  By mixing parts and pieces I can get a lot of these working.  Sometimes I need an actual part so I venture down to Chinatown and can usually find very cheap used parts and when I must new parts.

In the last two years I've placed four laptops and three digital cameras to homes that could not otherwise afford them. 

How do you place them?  I'm sure you could give them away standing on the street corner though personally, I tend to place mine with individuals or families I meet during my travels. 

Unfortunately not many of these people need server class UPS's or big color laser printers. :)  I'll figure something out.  If anyone knows a good and worthy home for these big items please email me. 

Further, if you have an old digital camera or ancient laptop and would like to give them to a good and worthy cause, please email me and I'll take them off your hands.  For example a reader recently had one of the rare and coveted Fuji Finepix F31 point and shoot.  It was in great condition, had a case, extra battery, very nice.  But nothing would appear on the rear LCD.  A trip to Chinatown and 250 baht later a brand new LCD screen was mounted and the camera was 100%.  It's now in a good home in Isaan and making people happy.

Take a look through your old and unwanted toys.  Know that many electronic items cannot be placed in the regular garbage and must be taken to a recycling center.  If you run across something that might be useful to someone else please consider parting with it.  Thank you.

Until next time..