Hi Steve, how are you going.

I was just reading your latest column and saw a picture of I think is your computer setup. I saw that you have a small protective cover on the side of the monitor.

Is this to stop ambient light from the side and top of the monitor? Is this something I should look at doing also do help give me more accurate light and color?

Thank you.


Hello Charles –

The computer setup you saw belonged to the writer of the review, Craig.  And yes, this is a ambient light shield so no stray light hits the display face and affects the display.  Most professional monitors have these.

I wouldn’t worry about adding a shade UNTIL you have a decent quality monitor and it’s properly calibrated.. and I’m not sure I’d worry about adding one if the monitor didn’t come with one.  Just be sure to locate your monitor in a location out of direct light and you’ll be fine.



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