I am going to have my local PC tech build me a new machine.  I am considering the new i5 chip and I want to over clock it as much as possible.  Do you recommend this?

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Wayne -

I think the new i5 and i7 chips introduced last month will make fine image workstations.  However, I don't believe over clocking and image processing mix.  There are many technical issues far beyond the scope of this column so I won't go into them here, but I will tell you in the near future I'm going to do a full review on the i7 machine I built a few months back.  Its been working flawlessly and is the best PC I've used for image processing.  Look for this review within 3-4 weeks.




I was at a computer fair last weekend and I watched a lady draw some very nice portraits using her computer!  She had some sort of flat plastic table she drew on with a pen.  What she drew immediately appeared on the screen.  What is this device and is it useful for image processing?



Kirby -

What the lady was using is a very common input device called a graphic tablet.  There is only one premium tablet on the market and these are from Wacom. (www.wacom.com/intuos)  I personally use their Intuos products and have for years.  Not only can they help you quickly navigate around your imaging program like a mouse, but the tablet can be programmed and if set up properly will be much faster and more useful than a mouse.  AND it provides a fine control of the brushes and other Photoshop tools that nothing else can.  This item is a must for any serious Photoshop work.

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