BKKSteve -

What do you know, how do you feel about the Canon G11.  I am here in Thailand for the balance of the year  using the Sony dsc t90 for fun pictures. Ok pictures with the Sony but the G11 looks better for a "pocket camera".

I see prices here from $500 to 700 USD.

In California, big box store, Best Buy about the same.

Will the G11 give me more bang for the buck than the Sony.

I use Paint Shop Pro for picture adjustments.  My Sony Laptop does a good job with handling the PSP software here.

Thanks, enjoy reading your weekly articles.



Rick -

I'm happy you're enjoying the column.

To answer your question:

I very much approve of the G11.  I own a G9 and love it.  I think if you need the features it offers which make it a bit bigger than other pocket cameras then it's a fine camera.  Those features would be the hot shoe for external flash, dials for settings, and a bigger size to hold on to.

HOWEVER.. we now have an interesting alternative which I'll probably pick up myself.  Canon has announced the new S90 and it's already in the stores in the states and most of Europe so I expect it in Bangkok very soon.

The Canon S90 has the exact same sensor and other electronics as the G11, but in a MUCH smaller package.  You get the same speed, image quality, and even raw files.  You don't get the hot shoe, but most pocket cams don't have them anyway.  You also don't get the small optical viewfinder.

However, you gain control rings (around the lens) which can be designated for any camera function which makes it very fast handing and you won't need the LCD to search for your favorite functions.  You can just turn the control rings.  You're also gaining a lens which is a full stop faster (F2 vs. F2.8) which will make a big difference if you like to shoot without flash in low light areas.

The S90 is truly a pocket camera.  And it retails for $100 less than the G11.  So, if you don't need the hot shoe, and you don't need the extra heft, and you don't need the accessory lenses (wide, telephoto) available for the G11, then the S90 offers several advantages with its control rings, smaller size, and faster lens.  Image quality, speed, autofocus, it all remains the same between both models.

Let me know which one you end up with and please send in some samples to share with the readers.  I'm very curious how you like your new camera.

Take care



BKKSteve -

Thanks much for the info, I will look for the S90.  Sounds even better than the G11 for my purposes.

I loved your autumn pictures from Oregon.  I live in Walnut Creek calif. About 30 miles north east of SFO.

Daughter has home at lake Tahoe and great autumn pictures there also.

My Thai wife who is a US citizen and I met in Walnut Creek enjoys fun photography also.

A few pictures from last week using the T90.





Rick -

Nice!  I can't wait to see some images from your new Canon S90.  Let us know how you like it.


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