I like to send sets of full size images to friends and family.  Currently I've been making CD's and mailing them, but this is expensive and takes a long time.  Is there a better way?  I know they're too big to attach to emails.



Ronn -

Yes, there are several ways.  One way would be to post your images on a photography website such as www.smugmug.com and allow access to those you wish to have the images.

I understand you might not want to pay fees, nor have the trouble of updating a site.  If this is the case consider using a large file transfer service such as www.yousendit.com.  You can send, I believe, files up to 2gigs in size using a free account.  There are paid accounts for bigger files.  Zip up your images, upload them to www.yousendit.com , and then add those you wish to have the images to their notification list.  They'll be notified and instructed on how to download the images.  This service is very convenient, fast, and free. 

I hope this helps.


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